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Created : 01 August 2019
Edited : 01 August 2019

#426 - Lion News

Weekly Newsletter

; Lion News

#426 - Friday 02nd August, 2019

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Every Friday, Rawr


; Hello World

I'm tired.
All this hot weather is completely fudging up my sleep schedule.
I'm spending days half asleep, and nights wide awake, with barely a nap inbetween.
I think I've totalled about 12 hours sleep since Monday. That shit's not good..

I might try a few mid-day naps, or something..


; Pixel/Map Editor

Pakz has made a mini sprite editor influenced by the Pico8 version.
Seems to work fairly well, and has a nice selection of tools to use, too.
I've been contemplating creating a nice online sprite editor myself, but browser based file-access is frustrating at best.
In an ideal world, it would have logins and server-based saves, but who the hell can be arsed doing all of that!?!

; Slow Windows

TheRevillsGames has noticed that BlitzMax has gotten MUCH slower at opening a window, and creating a graphics surface.
Seems to be a driver based issue.
Benchmarking time!!!
Give the code a quick test, and post your results.

; Browsercade

Jay releases the first version of his "Arcade in your Browser" site.


; RIP - Russi Taylor

The voice of Minnie Mouse passes away just days after the release of one of her largest appearances, in the New Mickey cartoons.


; Stealth?

Jay finally gives up trying to sneak into the Yiga Clan base, so works towards getting a bunch of kick-ass super-arrows, then storms the base, arrows a-blazing!
.. Now the game's telling him to go to the castle..
So Jay picks more fruit.


; Half a Job

Jay starts to update the DevTools list, and gets about halfway, then completely forgets that he was supposed to be doing the rest of it.

; Doomed

Bethesda (not id?) release the original Doom Trilogy onto all modern consoles/mobiles/systems.
And then shove a bunch of fucking DRM into it, because.. .. Modern Gaming

; Music of Mario

Everyone is inspired by something, but who/what inspired the music of legendary Nintendo musician, Koji Kondo?


; Upgrade Your Home

View on YouTube

; Hungry Like a Crow


; A Knight's Snail


; Musical Interlude


; Africa Interlude


; Talkative Bird



; TuneBoys

An InDev musical machine

View on YouTube


; Phone Number - The Movie

What happens when a popular YouTuber posts his phone number online?

View on YouTube

; Man Vs Wales - Part Two


; Hangin' With Mr LGR


; Sonic Adventure 2

A masterpiece in level design

; Our Fred


80s Cover Corner

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MovieCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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