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Created : 01 August 2019
Edited : 21 November 2019
System : web
Language : monkey2

Pico8 inspired sprite/map editor

pico8 inspired sprite and map editor(web / online)

The github repo
This is the sprite and map editor I made in Monkey2 a while ago. It has quite some features implemented. It currently has the c64 palette. The editor is based on the sprite and map editor of pico8.

It has no export and for the web it is mainly for screenshotting your work. At the moment there is no touch controls so a mouse is needed.

I maybe want to add a undo feature.

Update : I added the db32 color palette. This is a selection of 32 colors. Selectable from the start screen.
Update : I modified the emscripten page so that the debug text window at the bottom is only one line and does not fold over the editor's canvas. This should make it usable without using the fullscreen mode.



Thursday, 01 August 2019, 05:42
Nice set of tools, too.

One handy tool would be a "Shift" tool, so if you've drawn your sprite at the wrong offset, you can easily shift the sprite 1 pixel up/down/left/right.


You don't need to write the exact same text over the top of the screenshot.
This isn't Facebook!!
Anywhere on this site that the image is placed, the title is usually right next to it.
Use the screenshot to show off your graphics/interface/etc. That's why it's a picture.
Thursday, 01 August 2019, 05:59
The image was from mywebpage. I re-used it for here. I wil see if I can grab a new screenshot when I am on the laptop.

I wil try and remember the shift feature. It can be done with copy and paste right now also though.

I quickly grabbed a screenshot from the emscripten page. I did not make a set of example images this time but the interface is of the latest version. Maybe a CTRL+F5 to reload the image here.
Thursday, 01 August 2019, 06:45
Very nice. I desperately need a sprite / map editor for the C64/Vic20 that does all the things I need. There's some really good ones out there but if I want the bits that are missing I will have to make my own. The PICO8 style is nice!
Monday, 04 November 2019, 13:08
I added the db32 color palette. Selectable from the start screen.

I started looking into the local storage features of Monkey2. I first need to look for examples as I never used the file functions of monkey2 before. I hope there is a build in method of saving data in the browser cache for emscripten.

The new browser version has been updated. You might need to reload cache(ctrl+f5 for chrome)