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Created : 15 August 2019

#428 - Magic News

Weekly Newsletter

; Magic News

#428 - Friday 16th August, 2019

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Every Friday, Feeling Sleepy


; Hello World

I've had to put Socks on, this morning..
Weeks have gone, with blazing heat, and no socks in sight.

Hopefully this means I can focus on my coding a little better.
It's been tough trying to code in all this heat.
I'm not quite sure how TheRevillsGames manages to cope with all his heat, but over in the UK, it's just not on!
Give me the cold, and the rain, and the snow, and the wind..
Give me proper coding weather, whilst I'm shut in the house all day.

Tapping the keys in time with the dripping sound that comes from the broken bit of guttering that we really need to get fixed.
.. In a nice warm dressing gown.

Aaaah, Rainy Days.


; Monkeying Away in Secret

Mark's rapidly disappearing.
He's now shut down the Monkey2 site, and is keeping everything confined to a discord channel.
Have I said how much I hate the "Lost Information" aspect of Discord?
In the past few years, we've lost mountains of data relating to Blitz and Monkey, and now Monkey2's going the same way.
As has already happened many a time, half a dozen fan-forums have sprung up, splintering and fracturing the community in ways that will never truly be repaired.

In the meantime, SoCoder will still be here, watching all the chaos, and leaving the door open for any and all coders.


; Continued C64 Progress

Spinal's working on the controller input for his Handheld C64, but is having issues with clashing input data.
But is it a software, or a hardware problem?

; Spritework

Pakz manages to find a nice art style, and creates a whole bunch of little ships or aliens or something.
They look like they'd fit a space-shooter of some sort.
I really hope Pakz makes a nice space shooter!!

; PC Parts

Rychan fixes up his PC with a bunch of upgrades.


; Videogames Kill

America has finally figured out how to stop all those evil people shooting at random strangers with big giant guns.
Hide the videogames.

; Droneless Flying

Determined to make your packages fly, Amazon find a new droneless way to get your deliveries airborne.

; Don't Joke

The humour police are watching..


; They Fade to Grey

Keyboards really don't last very long, nowadays.
Why is it that my Amstrad and Amiga keys are still crisp and clear, but the L on my year-old laptop is already half smushed?


; Go Go Gadgets

KORG Gadget gets an upgrade, and Pakz and Jay both have a play with the new instruments that are available.

; Amiga Emulation

Spinal wonders what the most up to date Amiga Emulation methodology is.
.. Is he planning a Handheld Amiga to go with his C64?!


; A.I.Rovision

Music by RAMbanks

View on YouTube

; boing

Jelly Mario

; Marbles


; A Second Week

Paul Makes his second game in a week.


; What the Flip?

Artist recreates one of his earliest flipbook animation.

View on YouTube

; Bargain Mouse

Big Clive takes apart a Poundland Mouse

; Making Music

Ali and Nataly make a cover version


; Mega Bits

Linus is amazed by NASA and IBM engineering.

View on YouTube

; Quiz Time

Barry and Ashens Play a quiz-based board game together.

; The Ultimate Question

What DOES that Yahtzee bloke look like?
Does he really have disjointed hands and feet, and a big circular head?
And what speed does he actually speak at?
Find out, here!!

; Man vs Wales : Part Four

The epic journey continues, with or without a phone...

80s Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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