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Created : 12 September 2019

#432 - Head to News

Weekly Newsletter

; Head to News

#432 - Thursday 12th September, 2019

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; Hello World

I made a little progress with making a Framework in Fuze4Switch, but there are SO many more complications that have cropped up, including a return of the keyboard bug, a lack of filenames for saved files, and no Upper/Lower commands... no, seriously, you can't easily change a string to uppercase..

Bah, humbug..

Yesterday, I accidentally typed "fuze" into Windows, instead of "fire"(for Firefox) and was surprised by the fact that it actually popped up.
Fuze Basic v3.9.2

I'd completely forgotten that I installed it, almost a year ago, and ..


...yeah... :/

It's like a warning sign, really, isn't it..

The syntax is similar, but it's different in places, too.
And that actually troubles me quite a bit.

D'you remember in the early days, how different updates to DarkBasic would seemingly ALWAYS break something in your code? They kept changing the syntax and the command list, and it would always fuck up the code you'd written for the last version.
.. I have serious concerns that that's about to happen to Fuze, especially given some of the whinges and "we'll fix that" replies in their official forum.
It's looking rather dangerous!!!
I've been reassured, though, by @TheMikeDX that they'll be striving not to break compatibility..


I shall persevere...


; Introduce Yourself

Say hi, and tell us who you are.

; All Pinned Out

Spinal continues work on his C64 Handheld, but does he have enough pins?

; An Army

Pakz continues his training in the world of Pixelart, with some nice looking warrior sprites.
Prepare for battle!


; Apple's Bankruptcy Collection

The latest iterations with the usual insane pricetags attached.
New silly battery sapping watches, phones that barely last a day, and an unusual use of the word "new" to describe an iPad that has a 2 year old processor in it.
It's all for sale, at the same price it was last year, or more.

; The Colour of Bart

Spinal asks.. Were the Simpsons always that colour?


; Possible Bug

Pakz notices that, under certain circumstances, the "Reply/Comment" button seems to vanish.
I've been testing this out on as many devices as I can find, but am yet to see it happen, myself.
If you can find the bug, and can figure out how to replicate it, send as much info as you can, so that I can attempt to solve the thing.


; Save the Date

The wedding of the year.
10th of March 2020

; Flash Climbing

This week, Paul made a game about a man climbing a fake wall.
Why not imagine you're playing Gladiators, and Wolf is right behind you!

View on YouTube

And the post-mortem, in which Paul hits the wall!


; Time Off

What happens when the police take a day off?

View on YouTube

; Musical Interlude

Jonathan sings about time.

; More Friends

What would a new season of Friends look like?

; In the Shadows

Something lurking in the shadows.
What is that sound?

; Musical Interlude

Henrik sings about health issues.

; Winning

Jim presents the players with a super smashing great prize.

; Musical Trailer

Lindsey Stirling has a new album out.


; Guitar Effects

Andrew plays with some really crazy Guitar Pedals, that change a guitar into a synth!!

View on YouTube

; Warp Ten

A look back at the most amazing Voyager episode, ever!


; Walkman

Adam makes a fake prop Walkman, and gives some epic tips on fashioning such things.

View on YouTube

; The Laser Moon

There's a whole series of these..

; Madness

Madness wander about London for a bit.

80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube




TVCover Corner

View on YouTube





VGRemix Corner

View on YouTube



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Thursday, 12 September 2019, 07:13
"Apple's Bankruptcy Collection" great title.

"D'you remember in the early days, how different updates to DarkBasic would seemingly ALWAYS break something in your code? "
Nowadays TGC luckily don't do such things with AGK classic or AGK Studio.
Thursday, 12 September 2019, 08:10
Absolutely, but by the time they'd stopped breaking every other version, I'd already moved over to Blitz, and vowed never to return.

I do hope that Fuze doesn't end up in the same situation..