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Created : 19 September 2019

#433 - Jump News

Weekly Newsletter

; Jump News

#433 - Thursday 19th September, 2019

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Every Thursday, trying to find topics on the forum, but the forum's been quiet again, so I'm waffling quite a bit instead. If you want to see less of my general insanity, you're just going to have to post more content on the forum so that I've got a little bit more to write about, next week!


; Hello World

I think I might be releasing that JNKPool game, soon.
.. Yeah, I know, right..

For the past couple of weeks I've been working on adding the thing to the Shoebox of Games, and it's actually coming along pretty well.
The engine's still not 100%, and those damn pockets keep being slightly dodgy, but it's at least up to the point where I can knock the balls around and it doesn't completely and totally glitch out to insanity-ball city!

I still need to add .. um.. ALL the gameplay!
The game's rules aren't implemented, so no fouls, no scoring, no next player. Just pot the balls and have some fun!
The AI is currently at about 1%. It can aim directly for the next ball, but ignores any other balls in the way, and doesn't aim to pocket the ball, just hit it!!
The "Ball in Hand" : You can't move the cue ball there, because there's another ball already there, and it'll cause epic-glitching if you do" issue also needs to be looked into.

But.. I'm a heck of a lot closer than I was last week, when the balls would mysteriously float over the top of the middle pockets because the game only checked the balls were outside the table's boundary, and the pocket slightly overlaps the inside of the table!!
Although they do still occasionally do that.

Daaamn, this has been a hard game to get working right.
And the physics aren't even half decent, either, by the way.
There's no spin on the balls, other than a graphical "the balls occasionally randomly spin around for seemingly no reason"

But with every hour of tweaking, it's getting a teensy bit closer to being done.


Hopefully soon!!


; GO

Hobo decides to give GO a try.
With the ability to quickly and easily recompile for various targets, is it perhaps the language that Jay should've tried to use, instead of attempting to do everything in C++ a few years ago!?
Either way, it looks nice and simple to get things compiled, and Hobo seems to think that getting a basic OpenGL test going is fairly easy, too.

; 3D Western?

Zzoom is going to be attempting a "chunky 3D pixels" reproduction of the age-old "Two gunfighters" game "Boothill", using Blitz3D.
Why not head on in and give him tips on creating such an engine!

; End of the C64 Handheld?

Spinal's had nothing but trouble with his Touchscreen, and now it's completely failed on him.
Disheartened by the whole experience, and unsure of how to get around the complications, he's decided to call it a day.

Bonus Waffle

Last week, @TheMikeDX assured me that all of the important fixes will come, so I ploughed ahead with my Fuze Framework.
Unfortunately, there's apparently no easy way to use one tool to draw sprites then import them specifically into "that game's" framework.

One easy way would be file access, but.. No, they've made that overly complicated, and or overly simplified. You have one single file per project, it has no name (!!?) and you definitely can't grab a file from one project and plop it into another.

Another way would be to have the sprite editor compile the sprites into a string of data, copy that to the clipboard, then paste that into your code.
.. But, no, that doesn't work either, since there's apparently no clipboard access.

Instead, I opted to try to code the sprite editor directly inside the framework. Like, literally part of the game!!
Start game, Hit "J" on the keyboard, up pops the editor.
Save works.
Game can load the save.
All is golden.

And then it struck me.
With all the "Not quite right" things that Fuze has done wrong...?

I asked MikeDX
"Actually ... When I open() write() a file...
.. ... That file DOES get shared when I share the game, right?!"

He replied with..
"i don't know but i know who to ask! leave that one with me"

And I haven't heard back, since.

So, I took that to mean "probably not", and wondered how else I could save and load sprites and other such data in a shareable way, directly within my project.

At this point, I left the framework as it was, and instead headed back on over to Javascript.
I've now started to write a simple Sprite Editor that runs in the browser, can be used to draw 16x16 or 32x32 sprites (I may add more, we'll see), and when necessary "saving", outputs the sprites as lines of simple ASCII that can be typed.. character by character.. back into Fuze.
.. Yeah, I know..!!
I'm currently trying to figure out the best way to compress that data, so that 95% of my gamedev time isn't spent copying lines of data statements like something out of the 80s.


; Development Insanity

The realities of "Proper" game development.

; Paul Continues

Week Seven and crazy crazy @PaulMakesGames is continuing to make weekly games!
The fool!!!

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; A Package for Sonic

Whatever could it be?

; Musical Interlude

Rob_KTa has created an EP using nothing but KORG Gadget on the Switch

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; Musical Interlude

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; Dun Dun Durrrrr



; Disney Hurricane

Jake spends the night at Disneyworld, during the night of Hurricane Dorian

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; Before Toy Story..

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; Stan Lee

All about Stan, and his whirlwind romance!

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; Jimmy Cricket

Richard interviews Jimmy

80s Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

Odd find of the week.
Way back when, Brian May fell in love with the closing theme of a Japanese kid's TV show..
He, along with Eddie Van Halen and others recorded a cover of the X-Bomber/"Star Fleet" TV show theme, which was never meant to be a release, but ultimately was, because they thought it sounded great.

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