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Created : 14 November 2019

#441 - Dancing News

Weekly Newsletter

; Dancing News

#441 - Thursday 14th November, 2019

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Every Thursday, Bleeding into your tubes.


Note : Feel free to skip this week's Off-Topic Health-based rant. It is quite ranty.

; Blood and Nonsense

Bloods again, today.
Last week's blood test revealed that I have horrific (OMG!!) Diabetes, so I have to go back again this morning and have some more stabbings.
Meanwhile, I bought one of those Blood Sugar Pin-Prick doohickeys to keep an eye on things.
Yes, it's slightly elevated, but only in the "borderline" area.
Ahh, the joys of getting old.

I can cope with this. It doesn't worry me.
I'll learn what does/doesn't cause issues, just like I have all my other device-based testing.
I'm good at watching for things, once I know what I should be watching for.

No doubt the Doc will now claim that all my balance issues are down to my TERRIBLE Diabetes, and that all my swooshy head symptoms are all just a result of that.
Because he tried that with the Cholesterol, last year, and I had to remind him that I'd had a sodding tumour removed, and that the swirling in my head is because of that.
I swear, every time I visit the doc, he spends the first 5 minutes reading up. Can't he remember me?!
That one case, where he told the patient for THREE DAMN YEARS that his neck/head pains were down to "Bad Posture" when in fact it was A GREAT BIG SODDING BRAIN TUMOUR..


Right, so, bloods again today, then "Another chat with the Doc" tomorrow.
Because, obviously, I'm totally smegging well fit and healthy enough to go stumbling my way down to the Doctor's surgery five times in just a couple of weeks.
Oh yeah. Totally fine doing that..
And it doesn't leave me nauseous for pretty much the entire rest of the day, every damn time.
Totally fine with that.

And if he dares blame my 7.5 years of balance issues on a recent bout of Disbetes, then...


I'm honestly thinking of changing Doctors, at this point.


; Polygon to Polygon

Pakz continues to create collision detection methods.
I tend to rely on box or circle collisions for most things, but I'm always willing to try new ways.
Collisions are so much harder when there's hundreds of rotating and scaling sprites all over the screen!
(Or maybe I'm just rubbish at collisions?)

; Pede Blasting

Steve continues to build up his Centipede game, adding some lovely particles into the mix.
It's coming along super!

; Burning Metal

Rychan buys a Soldering Iron, and then...


; Physis

Only Rychan attempted anything for last week's Word of the Week.
He drew another lovely Gameboy-styled Game Concept.
Head inside to see it!

; Disable

This week's word could mean all manner of different things, good or bad.
But what does it mean to you?


; Scraping Audio

An AI system that attempts to split tracks from a standard music track.

; OUYA.World

The "Resurrect the OUYA" team have decided to name themselves "OUYA.World", because they're not very original in their naming, and they're apparently quite willing to go up against Razer, should they finally be bothered to take notice.


Pakz continues to sprite all manner of wonderful creations.
First, supplying a set of spaceships, ready for battle.

Next, a series of masked faces.

I imagine that a series of random coloured masks atop random head shapes, might make for a nice set of warriors in some sort of dungeon quest game, or something.
Or, perhaps they could be the pilots of the spaceships, and you could have a giant space-based RPG or something?


; Azure DevOps

Do you trust Microsoft enough to upload your in-dev code to their cloud servers?!
Have you tried it?
Is it any good?
Tricky is intrigued, but isn't sure.

; Happy Birthday, Sesame Street

Sesame Street turned 50 years old, this week.
What are your favourite memories of the show?


; Sonically Shiny

View on YouTube

; Droids


; Bathroom Break


; Hello Birdie

Hello!! Hello!!? Helloooo!!

; Musical Interlude


; Bye Bye


; Not Wallace

Not Wallace sounds much more like Wallace than Not Kermit sounds like Kermit.


; Fucking Huge!!

View on YouTube

; Shiny New Car

William gets an awesome new car


; Records

TechMoan digs out his records.

View on YouTube

; Tunnels

The Whitewicks go exploring.

70s Cover Corner

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MovieCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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Thursday, 14 November 2019, 02:51
Stay of the sugary things jay! Even fruitsugar is bad.