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Created : 05 December 2019

#444 - News Road

Weekly Newsletter

; News Road

#444 - Thursday 05th December, 2019

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Every Thursday, December?!!


; Hello December.

I just added the first Xmas YouTube link to the Xmas Newsletter..
We're THAT close to Xmas!!
The week after that one is the first newsletter in 2020.

Will the newsletter evolve to show this massive change?
Who knows!
Stay tuned!

Hint : Probably not

Also, will AGameAWeek continue in its insane set of 4 games a week in 2020?
Probably not.
I'm currently thinking that 3 games is probably more reasonable, and likely allow for a much more expanded style of gameplay, too.
I might even cut out Foldapuz completely. I'm REALLY struggling to come up with new game ideas for that, now!

So, yeah, there's probably going to be a few changes to the way things are done.
But right now, it's Advent time, and there's oodles of things to make and do!


; Female Pixels

Pakz has a go at spriting some Female Faces to go with all the Male Faces he drew, last week.


; Input

Time for the two traditional Xmas threads, over on the site, the first being Advent Calendar Tat!
Rockford's got a spectacular one, this year, which has to be seen.
Go see that!
There's also Coffee, spices, alcohol and more.

; Output

Meanwhile, the second thread is the Advent of Creativity, where users are asked to post their own creative content, daily.
Shroomy's been posting some nice effects using ShaderToy!
Shroom asked that ShaderToy be integrated into the forum, so I've done that, but it'll start up paused incase your system ends up struggling with hundreds of running ShaderToys cluttering the page!


; Wavers

For last week's Word of the Week, Shroomy posted a lovely wibbly wobbly ShaderToy effect.
Waves are fun!

; Suffuse

This week's Word of the Week is Suffuse, but I'm not expecting much content to be posted to the Word of the Week threads, whilst the Advent of Creativity is in full flow.
Maybe I oughta shut off the function for a few weeks?!


; Wimper of the Worlds

The BBC's three part adaptation of War of the Worlds kinda peters out towards the end.
The entire third part seemed almost entirely void of storyline.

; Further Curbing

Meanwhile, HBO have announced an upcoming 10th season of Curb Your Enthusiasm


; Fixing it

Tricky creates a problem solving Flowchart which should help solve any and all problems.
It's already helped solve a couple of issues for me.

; Oddity

Some music whilst you shop.



View on YouTube

; Birthday Dance

Hey, hey. It's your birthday!

; Gift Guide

Just within time for bringing the festive happiness days.

; 100

The hundredth cookery short.

; Musical Interlude


; Unheard Sonic

GameHut guy unveils another beta track from Sonic 3D

; And some Mario


; Retro YouTube

The old ones are the best..


; Not Photoshop

ExplainingComputers takes a look at some free alternatives on Linux.
(Which, of course, have Windows versions, too.)

View on YouTube

; Still Dropping!

William drops another egg!


; Listen....

Andrew listens to a selection of tracks from a few of the people that took his Music Tutorial course.

View on YouTube

; Try to Listen....

Andrew updates us on his increasing hearing problems.

80s Cover Corner

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MovieCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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