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Created : 12 December 2019

#445 - Listen to Your Heart

Weekly Newsletter

; Listen To Your Heart

#445 - Thursday 12th December, 2019

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Every Thursday, Voting


; Hello World

Get out and vote.
The entire country depends completely on YOUR vote.

Do it.
Do it today.

NOW, Damnit..

Before you read the depressing section of the newsletter with all the deaths in it.
Get out and vote, then you can sit and read the rest of this.



Have you been?

Right then..
Let's continue.


; Festive Theme

Spurred on by Rockford, I finally got around to making a half-assed Xmas theme for the site.
First a ball was made, then a ghastly red theme, then it got toned down to be less shit, and finally some lights were added.
A job well done, and I've been using the theme all week, so it's not as bad as it sounds!


; Creativity

Shroomy is making great strides with his use of the powerful ShaderToy site, with all manner of different effects being produced.
Jay carries on posting all sorts of odd stuff, but ends up wrapping himself in knitting. (And being a bit of a twat, too)

; Calendars

Jay carries on being slightly disappointed by the chocolate coffees, and his boring four spices.
Meanwhile, Rockford's Star Wars calendar continues to impress.


; Suffuse

As expected, last week's Word of the Week went entirely without a single post.
There's just no time to keep up with all the awesome threads, especially with Xmas being just around the corner!

; Managers

This week's Word is "Managers", and ... damn, I really want to do something with that, but lately my mind is completely fried, and exhausted trying to keep up with the Creativity thread.
Maybe I could turn the Knitting thing into some sort of "Haberdashery Manager" or something..!?!


Holy fuck, has it been a shit week for Celebrity Deaths

; RIP - Caroll Spinney

You'll know him best as Big Bird, or maybe Oscar the Grouch.

; RIP - René Auberjonois

You'll know him best as Odo off of Deep Space 9

; RIP - Marie Fredriksson

You'll know her as the woman from Roxette.

; RIP - David Bellamy

You'll know him from deep wivin the undagwooff.

; RIP - Steve's Uncle

and in amogst all the celebrities, Steve lost his 80 year old Uncle.


; Who Ya Gonna Call?

Is it in bad taste to now say how good the new Ghostbusters Trailer looks?


; Mug Tree

View on YouTube

; Musical Interlude


; Choo Choo


; Musical Interlude


; Let's Go Party


; Commercial Break

Guess who's got a new album out!
The perfect festive gift.

; Retro Tubeage

The old ones are the best!


; Sorted

How to organise things.

View on YouTube

; Rescue

It's cold outside...


; Station Poll

After oodles of polls, and plenty of voting, Geoff and Vicki visit the "best" Stations.

View on YouTube

; Solo

What went wrong?

80s Cover Corner

This cover was released, literally hours before the news broke of Marie's death.

View on YouTube




TVCover Corner

View on YouTube

Amazon Prime have recently added children's favourite, How 2, onto their Video catalogue.
If you have fond memories of the show, head on over, but beware..
.. .. something's changed..


VGRemix Corner

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Thursday, 12 December 2019, 13:14
Turning that lump of tree into a mug, now that's just way too f***ing cool.