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Created : 04 June 2020

#470 - Car News

Weekly Newsletter

; Car News

#470 - Thursday 4th June, 2020

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Every Thursday, Wondering how I'm going to move a page at a time.


; Hello World

Writing this week's newsletter entirely on the iPad, this week.
I've been playing around with the concept of replacing my laptop with a Tablet/Keyboard setup for a while, and I *think* I might've finally found just the right keyboard to do the job.
It certainly feels more than capable, and is a hefty little sturdy bugger, so. Hopefully!!
Once I've finished writing this, I'll Winkey-A, Winkey-C it from iOS Notes, (It's iOS, so it uses Winkey+C/V/etc instead of Ctrl, because.. Apple!!) Winkey+Tab to switch over to the Remote Desktop app for Windows, and then Ctrl-V it into Programmer's Notepad on Windows, before running a BlitzMax app to convert the content into a BBCode version for the site, and a Plaintext version for the emailed edition.

Effortless, and somewhat amazing that I can now do all of that on (more or less) one single device.

He says.. Hoping that actually works like it oughta!

I'll be stress testing my little cobbled together device over the next few days, so if you want to know how it all goes horribly wrong, this is the thread to watch!



; Still Flapping

Rychan continues his quest to get a Flappyness clone working on a real NES.
Chipping away, piece by piece, he got some scrolling text to work, this week.

; Electrical

Steve decides to create a new musical instruments.
First to write a choon using a "Steveophone-555" wins a grand prize of a lovely biscuit!

; Pakzels

Pakz has upped his resolution for the latest batch of pixelart faces.
One of these looks alarmingly like the father of one of my old school friends.
That's a bit creepy!

; Quitting

CodersRule quits his job, because his boss is being a hypocrite...


; Review

This week's Word of the Week is Review.
Is there something you'd like to review?
Maybe let people know about something awesome?
Or perhaps warn folk about something horrifically bad!?
Post your reviews in the thread!


; Lockdown Ending?

The Covid lockdown seems to be being ended, at a fairly rapid rate.
Kids are being shoved back to school, any and all shops are reopening, and Nurofen are advertising the fact that you can take Ibuprofen again!
Is it all too soon?
Sure it is!!

if you can, stay in, stay safe, and look after those around you.

And if you need to go out, on like a protest or something, do be sure to at least wear a mask, gloves, and any other sensible protection that you can find.


; Be Scam Smart

Scams are everywhere.
Protect yourself from Scams by installing the ScamGoggle browser extension.
ScamGoggle will monitor all your passwords, bank details and more, to ensure you're as safe as you can possibly be.


; Rust, Beef, and More

There's a multitude of languages out there that I've never heard of. Apparently Microsoft are ditching C++ in favour of Mozilla's "Rust" language, so.. Guess that must be good, then!


; Drumming Crazy

View on YouTube

; Science

Just add water

; Musical Interlude

Tigger Pogo!

; A meal

This looks like a delicious meal, to feed all the hungry mouths during lockdown.

; A Hero Among Us


; The Exciting Finale



; Next Generation Secrets

Things that kinda existed, but that we never got around to seeing.

View on YouTube

; Stick That in your Pipe


; Floppy Fun

LGR plays with Disks


; Back To The Movie Set

View on YouTube

; A Door

Adam builds a door!

; Littlefoot!



View on YouTube

This week's RHLSTP guest is the man in the room next door.


80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube

Savlonic (Mr Weebl's Group) have a new Covers album out.

TVCover Corner

View on YouTube



OSRemix Corner

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Thursday, 04 June 2020, 07:36
Do you mean the pixel drawing where I used "barry cordin" as a example? I saw him in "better call saul"
Thursday, 04 June 2020, 07:53
Second on the left, bottom row!
Thursday, 04 June 2020, 09:12
Yah, that is barry cordin !