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Created : 18 June 2020

#472 - Isn't News Lovely

Section=Weekly Newsletter]

; Isn't News Lovely

#472 - Thursday 18th June, 2020

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Every Thursday, Testing my Headphones


A couple of years ago, I bought a "nice" pair of powered Sony Headphones, with noise cancelling.
"Great quality", "Awesome bass", "Brilliant Clarity!" I was assured.
So I bought them, and I tried them. And every six months or so I think to myself, "They can't be THAT bad.."

I pulled them out again, tonight, and gave them a go.
They are that bad.
The Bass is indeed big and boomy and bold as brass.
But everything else is absolutely awful.
My ears have a good range, and as soon as I stick those Sony headphones on, everything ends up sounding horrible and muffled, and quite frankly it's horrific.

Feels like I've gone deaf, or my head's underwater and suddenly can't hear the full range that I can normally hear.

And so I revert to my Apple Earbuds. Tried and tested, and a nice wide range, from treble to bass, and everything inbetween.
Some day I'll have to get someone else to try them on, and let me know if it's just me being freakishly weird, or if those headphones really are as truly bad as I think they are.
Maybe it's just a really dodgy pair that I've got?
I dunno.

Listening to : One OK Rock - Eye of the Storm
.. On Apple Earbuds, with my head high.


; Flapping Tight

Rychan continues to work on his Flap Happy game, and has posted a couple of videos to Bitchute.
Squeezing in the final few assets into a teensy tiny amount of leftover rom area, he's now adding a few more bits of music, and is finalising the last few bits and pieces.
Wish him luck!

; AGameAWeek Overhaul

Thanks to a great theme idea from Rychan, Jay finally finished off his AGameAWeek overhaul.
.. but soon finds that there's much more to do than just fix up the script/theme. The whole archive needs a redux.


; Confer

Everybody's getting out and about as the COVID lockdown is slowly (probably too quickly) lifted.
People, locked in for months, suddenly able to chat to each other. Moaning about how rubbish it's been, and trading old fridges and freezers for nice new fireplaces.
The world is opening back up, and people are conferring about all manner of things.

What games/stories/art/etc can you make from the Word of the Week, Confer?
Post your thoughts or creations in the thread, and have a Tim Tam or two.


; Reinstalling Detour

Spinal's thread about his Windows reinstall takes an unscheduled leap in a different direction.


; SmileBASIC's Back!

After the unscheduled downtime, SmileBASIC should be reappearing in the Switch's eShop at some point today.
Be sure to grab it, and download all the wonderful games in the online database! There's TONS of fantastic games to play.

; Tower of Glow

The PS5 is unveiled, and it has a blue glow.
Hopefully that won't be as annoying as the Wii's blue glow turned out to be.


; The Ultimate Purchase

View on YouTube

; Sexually Disheveled


; Musical Interlude


; Some Kind of Video


; Mario World is Ruined



; Gotta Glue 'em All

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; Rubbish

Dave Gorman's uploaded the entire second series of his "Modern Life is Rubbish" show to YouTube.
.. not sure why just that series, nor why the series is no longer on UKTV's app. Maybe a copyright issue or something?

View on YouTube

; Super Vision


80s Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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Lockdown Breakout

; Sparks

You remember Sparks..
"This town ain't big enough for the both of us.." Dur-dur-dun-dunnn...
They've a new album out in a couple of weeks...
Well, it SAYS it's out in a couple of weeks, but I listened to the whole thing on iTunes a few days ago, so. *shrugs*

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