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Created : 25 June 2020

#473 - News is News

Weekly Newsletter

; News is News

#473 - Thursday 25th June, 2020

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Every Thursday, Oh my god, it's so fucking hot...


; Hello World

This week, I hit #2000 on the Daily Platdude Pixelart. Quite a landmark, if you're insanely obsessed with numbers like I seem to be.
Since starting a daily routine, I've found myself getting a lot more tasks done in a week. I'm currently up to 3 games a week. I can't imagine that number getting sensibly higher, but as another number on the list, that's good enough for me.

RSKGame wrote a lovely post, picking out a whole bunch of his favourite pixelarts.


He also took the time to let me know about a few quirks that have crept in along the way, most of which I think I've now fixed.
The biggest issue... Before pixelart #330, I didn't think to add little descriptions for any of the pixelarts.
They were simply in a gallery, no need for descriptions!
But as the site evolved, a small string of text was added, and I never bothered to go back and update the old ones.

"I know", said my rather silly head, "I'll do those, and fill all the missing descriptions in. It's only 330 little lines of text. That won't take long!"

It started well enough. Open pic, look at pic, write bit, save, close, next.
Nice and fast.
After about 10 minutes, I noticed what number I was up to..

... Eight..

Four sodding hours, over the course of 3 days.
I finally got them all done, so now the archive is complete, and I don't have to do anything more to the Pixelart.

Now all I have to do is download all the games from the archive one by one, test they still run, take new screenshots, make new assets where necessary (The old games don't have Icon/Titles) and reupload everything.
For over 600 games!

Oh joy!


; Checkin In

How's everyone holding up through all of the current crap? Everyone OK?
Rhyme off in the thread, and let us know you're still around!


; Backchats

The Word of the Week continues without any interest, but just like Wednesday Workshop before it, that won't stop it from happening every week!
If anyone suggests I disable the feature, I'll have strong words with you.. and less of your lip..


; Lockdown Loosening

The Covid-19 lockdown seems to be coming to an end, for now.
Scientists around the world are stressing that it's too early, and that a second wave is now all but inevitable..
But nobody seems to give a shit anymore, and crowds of people have been showing up at beaches whilst Britain experiences a heatwave.
I'm sure everything will be perfectly fine.


RIP : Dame Vera Lynn - 103!
RIP : Ian Holm
RIP : Joel Schumacher
RIP : Margarita Pracatan


; PS4 - Remote Play

Jay decides to buy a PS4, with the sole purpose of playing games using Remote Play, streaming to his iPad.
But does it go well?

; Beaky Poop

Steve's bird poops!


; 4mat's MiniSEQ

Using the layout of a C64 screen to (somehow) create and compose chiptunes?
4mat gives it a go, and the results are pretty damn awesome.

; PaksChoons

A whole album from Pakz!

View on YouTube


; Virus Information

A Public Information Film

View on YouTube

; Safety Information

Additional information.

; Choo Choo


; Don't click this, Nosey..


; Build Your Own Website


; Never Gonna Give Up..

Cleaning the bins

; New Muppets?

If it takes me more than 5 episodes to get used to new Kermit's voice, I'll consider it a failure.


; New Kitchen : 90%

Barry's new kitchen's nearly done!

View on YouTube

; Old Kitchen

A retro recipe from someone's warped and deluded mind.


; Let's Go Bowling!

View on YouTube

; Out of Bounds..

.. with Mario!

; Iwata's Vic-20 Game

And the secret within

80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube



TVCover Corner

By the original composer!

View on YouTube

And a tutorial, too


VGRemix Corner

View on YouTube




Lockdown Live

; I Need Peas

View on YouTube

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