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Created : 23 July 2020

#477 - Cotton News Joe

Weekly Newsletter

; Cotton News Joe

#477 - Thursday 23th July, 2020

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Every Thursday, falling asleep.


; Hello World

It's been a rough week for sleep, this week.
Too warm to sleep under the quilt, but too cold to sleep under just the blanket.
Maybe I need .. two blankets..!?!

Still, a restless night is great for the coding, right?!
I've managed to get my "Asset Generator" up to a decent status, where it now has little buttons for various functions.
It can make DVD Cases, Switch Cases, Cassette Inlays, Paper Arcade Cabinets, and completely useless Gift Envelopes that nobody will ever use.

I'm now wondering what other things I can create, but typing "Papercraft Template" into google seems to bring up a bazillion "Funko-Pop-esque", square-headed cardboard cutout figures.
Which, true, would be nice to have as a collection, but it's not exactly something I can automate for all of my games.
I did consider making a little gift box to go with the gift envelope, but .. honestly, nobody would ever use that!!

.. I'll probably just end up doing DS/3DS case templates, or something.



; Javascript Arrays

Spinal has a whole host of complications whilst trying to convert images into tilemaps, but the end results are nothing short of stunning.

I suspect that his productivity means his keyboard replacement worked out OK, in the end.

; Kabooma Looma

Somewhat inspired by the fact that he played Mr Driller for the first time in years, the other week, Jay creates a fun mashup of Boulderdash and Mr Driller..
..But tries not to mention Mr Driller in case it becomes alarmingly obvious where he pinched the idea from.
Created in SmileBASIC on Switch, then recreated in the Browsercade, you can read all about it in the thread that he unceremoniously hijacked.


; Poisers

This week's word of the week, (a failed concept that continues to linger, just like most of the rest of the site) is "Poisers".
Does that word spark anything creative and imaginative in your mind?
Or are you all creativitied out, much like this weekly feature?

I'll continue to draw the silly little scribbles, and you continue to bring the posts!


Lockdown is coming to a close, whether it should be or not.
There's apparently been 77 confirmed cases in my village..

Chip in on the thread, and let us know how you and yours are doing.


; Playstation Plus

Jay decides that, rather than a monthly LootCrate/DegustaBox/etc, it might be fun to see what all this "Playstation Plus" fuss is about, so buys a 3 month test.
A few modern-day games for "free", each month. How will it go?
Jay doesn't "do" modern gaming, so expect lots of grumbling.


Alongside the new Mario LEGO, Nintendo/LEGO have released a brick-built NES, complete with controller, cartridge, and even a little telly you can play Mario on.
It looks AWESOME, but definitely wouldn't fit in my room anywhere.
And it costs a fuckton, too, but that's LEGO for you.


; New Blinds

A new version of WindowBlinds, the Windows-Skinning software, has been released.
A complete Redo From Start, apparently built upon the Windows 10 "Dark Theme" technology.
The results are a far smoother experience, but the skins aren't quite as varied as they once were.
Perhaps, given time, we'll see more unique looking themes, but I don't think we'll ever get to the point where the Close Window button is over on the top left, like it should be.
Oh well.. At least we can still double tap the little icon up there, in most windows.

; Hungry Steve

.. in which Steve tries to eat the face off his bird.

View on YouTube


View on YouTube

; OtakuKitty

Otakupunk plays with one of the stray cats in his back yard.

; Wii

The BEST console

; OMG!!!!!!


; Round


; Musical Interlude



; Box

A fascinating look at a box.

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; Navigation

How on earth will we find our way through the web?

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; Bondage


; Travelling

Over 2 hours of outtakes, bloopers, and other bits and pieces, from the Travel Man series.

90s Cover Corner

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Look out for... Spray and Pound Shop Boys



TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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