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Created : 10 September 2020

#483 - Rocketnews

[Section=Weekly Newsletter

; Rocketnews

#483 - Thursday 10th September, 2020

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Every Thursday, Chewing the fat


; Hello World

Started writing a little mini-script that would let me scour the various site's logs in a much more intuitive manner.
A php script sanitises the logs to just "Timestamp, Site visited, Browser used, Request", and then bundles it all to the browser where Javascript takes over.
I'd love to add Google Graphs, but IIRC, I think there's a request limit on that, so I might have to have a nosey as to how to implement my own version, perhaps using Javascript to handle it all.

But, yeah, seems to run smoothly enough, albeit currently looking extremely bland and uninteresting.
Adding filters and such will be next on the list.

Why am I doing this?!
Honestly, not 100% sure, but lately I've found myself trying to remove my reliance on those thousands of little BlitzMax programs I've coded over the years.
At some point, they're going to become unusable. Whether it be Microsoft killing support for "None-Signed apps", or .. perhaps even a switch to the crazy world of Linux?
I know BMax is capable of running on Linux, and I've even written a bunch of games using it, but .. It's not really ideal, is it!?

If I start scripting these things in PHP and Javascript, then "technically" they should also run on whatever OS I opt for in the future.
.. Right!?!



; Continuous Flapping

Rychan posts a preview build of his "Flap Happy" NES game, and it's looking rather polished!

; Break the Report

Dan creates a script that hunts for that annoying "Reporting Error" popup that usually crops up, every time your code crashes, and forcibly closes it.
Kill that pesky little varmin, with his simple script.. and AutoIt.. and Ideal.
Aaah, Windows and its lack of simple scripting.
Wonder if you could do this kind of thing with that new Terminal thing?!


Covid's back in full force.
Bolton's on Lockdown #7394279530, now, whilst the lockdown screw's also being re-tightened for most of the rest of England.
Other countries in the UK are similarly clamping down, and the rest of the world's spiking all over the damn place.
I guess things aren't going to get back to normal any time soon, but should they?
It really has been going on far too long.

Meanwhile, Rychan's health is all kinds of wonky, and Krakatomato receives some bad news.

; Further Thought

Rychan suggested in one of his posts that he was worried about posting his thoughts, lest I get angry and delete it.
Just to clarify, I VERY rarely delete things from SoCoder. I'm an archivist to a fault.
I think, over the time that SoCoder's existed (14 years?!) I've probably deleted no more than about 14 posts, and even then they've not been deleted, but instead moved over to the Admin section.
If I do feel the need to remove something, I'll typically send the offending user a Private Message telling them why, unless it's something like a Spambot. Booo!! Thankfully we don't get many of those.

Usually, if you suddenly see a bunch of posts vanish from the site, that's because the user has deleted them themselves, not me.. Usually resulting in me then ranting in the next newsletter about my loss of lovely archived content.

Locked topics, perhaps, but I try not to delete.


; X'y'O'sy Prices

Microsoft revealed US prices for the crappily titled Xbox Series X and XBox Series S
Are you tempted!?


; Animated Print

Spinal decides it's time to make his own version of the future, and begins work on an animated CD Case.

; Locked

Pakz finds that some of his GitHUB uploads have been transferred to the great big GitHUB Arctic Preservation Doohickey.
Long live MonkeyX!


; Emoji This

Jay adds more Emoji to the site, mostly Sega and Nintendo icons.
He now needs to draw all the handheld consoles, along with Sony and Microsoft consoles.
Come on, Jay, pull your inartistic finger out.

; Not Being Posted

Also, Jay hasn't posted about the Log-Reader thing that he's started writing, nor has he posted any of the games he's made over the past month or so, even though he whinged and complained about people not posting things, last week.
Bloody hypocrit.


; Little Drummer Girl

Nandi challenges Dave Grohl. A story in three parts

View on YouTube




; Odd One Out

Which is the odd one?

View on YouTube


; Circles

Jazza tries drawing using only circles

View on YouTube

; Monti's

This week's Retail Archeology takes a random detour!

80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube


TVCover Corner

View on YouTube


VGRemix Corner

View on YouTube


Lockdown Corner

; Spray

View on YouTube

; Enterprise


Load, Next List!



Thursday, 10 September 2020, 09:02
Thanks for being so cool about things Jay, much loves
Monday, 14 September 2020, 13:03

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