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Created : 15 October 2020

#488 - Have A News Day

Weekly Newsletter

; Have a News Day

#488 - Thursday 15th October, 2020

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Every Thursday, Giving up on listening to the latest album he just clicked on because, frankly, it's not a very good album.


; Hello World

They certainly suck you in with that "Big" track, don't they.. But modern albums aren't what they used to be.
You at least get the one main track, and maybe another, both of which got released as singles, but neither of which make up an entire album by themselves.
Instead, then, you have to sit and listen through another 10 or so tracks of complete and utter drivel, when all you really wanted was an album full of the quality of that one hit you originally heard.
Dear god, there's some crap out there..

I know that not every track can be a hit, but if you're compiling tracks for an album, try to make them a higher percentage of listenable tracks.

I've stopped this one, and have instead gone back to listening to some classic Roxette. Good tunes all the way through the album.
Quality stuff.

Might stick some Pulp on, too. Or at least, up until about halfway through This Is Hardcore.


; Xbly

Hobo's designed a semi-scripting language that generates XML.
It's more readable, but the end result still ends up with layer upon layer of bracket chaos.
XML has its uses, though, and if you have to put up with it in a manual-editing mode, this can reduce your insanity levels by approximately 15%.. Maybe more!

; PIP Win

Hobo's won at the PIP Tribunal! Hurray!!
Time for celebrations!


Stay in. Stay safe. Watch Star Trek!

The Lower Decks season has finished. ... Unless you're not American, in which case you either haven't seem a sodding thing of it yet, or you've downloaded it via other methods.
There are now season-wide spoilers, all over the internet, and it's frankly annoying as hell that it's not been broadcast over here.
A complete and utter shambles.

Meanwhile, Discovery Season Three starts here!
Luckily we know that's being shown on Netflix, so expect it to appear probably around midnight or so, hopefully.


Meanwhile, Meanwhile, over in another animated corner of the galaxy, a Captain has been named for the forthcoming Star Trek Prodigy show on Nickelodeon.
.. Wonder if we'll ever get to see that one!?



; RIP - Ronald Forfar

You probably know him best as Freddie Boswell, the philandering father of the family in Bread.


; Doctor Games

Rockford brings news of new upcoming Doctor Who games.
What are your favourite Who-Games of the past?

; Amiga 2 : Electric Boogaloo

The makers of "The C64 Mini" are at it again, this time aiming to remake an Amiga.
Thing with the Amiga, though, is it had an internal disk drive.
You could get away with "The C64 Mini" not having a tape deck, because it wasn't internal.
But how on earth are they going to hide a missing floppy drive!?


; Mmmmm

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; November 19th

Set the date

; Bloopers


; purrrrr



; No Money


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; The World Wide Web

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; Not a Lot Going On


2000s Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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Thursday, 15 October 2020, 05:17
With the lack of Amiga disk drive thing, I would assume they'll put a blanking plate there that can later be replaced with a Gotek or floppy later on.