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Created : 25 February 2021

#505 - I Owe You A Newsletter

Weekly Newsletter

I Owe You A Newsletter

#505 - Thursday 25th February, 2021

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Every Thursday, Tapping a random playlist and zoning out.


Hello World

I've decided to write a Javascript based script engine, because I apparently don't have enough to do.

Something small and neat that we can use to write little bits and pieces.
The kinds of things that we currently experiment with in B3D/Max, but in a form that actually works properly on a Mac, because I'm pretty much stuck with that, now, and it's a pain in the arse seeing a Remote Desktop image stutter and splurt when trying to run people's code!!!

Also, with the myriad of different languages out there, it's getting harder and harder to post code into a codebox and then have other people be able to run that code.
We could do with a new focal point. Something simple where we can all share code-snippets, once again.
PlayMyCode was kinda that, for a while, but..

I still miss that..

Anyway, that's the aim for the script engine. It might not be all-powerful, but as long as it can help us to quickly experiment with maths and stuff, then it oughta be enough, right?!
And hopefully a nice engine for some minigames and things, too.

Let me know what you think of this idea, and how crazy you think I am, in the thread.


Today, I spent about 3 hours reading up on Lexer's and suddenly realised why "Alexa" is called that..


Pakz Pixels

Pakz has been experimenting with a variety of Xenon-looking sprites, this week, including one that could very well be misconstrued as a Spike!!
(albeit a much better looking Spike.)

Strappingly Handsome

Spinal shows off the parts of his upcoming Spinalwatch.
It's Alive!!


Texas is under attack from the weather.
After unprecedented snowstorms, and widespread electrical blackouts, there's an alarming amount of flooding happening throughout the State of Texas.
8-Bit Guy posted a video on his experience, and Michael Fernie sent some pics of the state of his home.
It's really not looking great for a lot of Texans.

Thoughts are with you all.
Stay safe.
*distant ascii hugs*


Meanwhile, on this side of the pond, Rychan reveals that he's been having some rather severe Stress to deal with over the past few weeks.
Panic attacks and more, brought on by what has been a rather terrible year for him, all told.
Send well wishes in the thread.



Rockford continues to nibble at his snacks.
What glorious delights will he be blessed with, this week?

An Alien Landscape

NASA's Mars Rover has landed, and some remarkable footage has come from the surface of our neighbouring planet.
Perhaps, in time, we'll get the opportunity to screw that planet up, as much as we have this one.



WowCube looks a bit like a half-assed Rubik's Cube, having only 4 squares per side, instead of the usual 9.
What sets it apart, however, is that it's a handheld gaming device, and all the little squares are actually displays.
Could you make a game for it?!
DevLinks are on the site, with an email registration box if you're intrigued.

Daft End

The helmet headed duo have decided to part ways.
What are your favourite Daft Punk tracks?
Let us know your best memories, and share a tear or two.


How To Play Keyboard

View on YouTube



Funky Beat


Keep Up


Melody Maker




Making Robot pool!

View on YouTube

You've Got Mail


80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube

Banjolele Corner

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VGRemix Corner

View on YouTube

Just One More Thing

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Thursday, 25 February 2021, 05:15
Best part of my Thursday lunch break is reading the newsletter. Thanks for keeping it up, Jay!
Thursday, 25 February 2021, 05:23