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Created : 21 October 2021
Edited : 21 October 2021

#539 - It's My News

Weekly Newsletter

It's My News

#539 - Thursday 21st October, 2021

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Hello World

I've mostly been playing with Arrays, this week.
They're one of the bottlenecks of JSE, and are alarmingly slower than they needed to be, so I spent a good number of hours converting them from mathematically worked out multidimensional positions, to just using what Javascript has to offer.
Oddly, Javascript doesn't do "Real" multi-dim arrays, in the classic BASIC sense. It instead sees you making arrays for each element of the array, and getting all kinds of messy, that way.
But it kinda works, and in trials, it's proved a teensy bit (5%) faster than my mathematical methodology.

Bloody hell, though, the complexities!!!



Holo Clampett

Jay makes a really fun gravity platformer, with our hero Clampett getting stuck inside a holodeck!
Rush for the button, and try to stay alive, as you run all around the walls and ceilings, to reach your destination.

No other creativity has been posted to the forum, this week.
*sad face*



Kuron is having one fucked up time, right now, after the loss of his beloved Carolyn to the evils of Covid.


Mark (Fixes Stuff) is having one fucked up time, right now, after the loss of his house and all its contents to the evils of a fire.


Apple Silicon Insanity

Apple showed off their new £2000+ MacBook Pros, and .. Good lord, the power in those things!!
Essentially doubling and quadrupling the M1 caps, for M1Pro and M1Max, whilst still keeping power consumption low, and battery life high, it's going to take some effort for other laptop manufacturers to catch up.

Lettuce Drama

Don't eat the lettuce, or it might bite back.


Flying a Bike

Jay sticks ET into his basket and whisks himself off into the skies for 10 minutes each day.
Yesterday, he was high over Los Angeles, looking down at the Hollywood sign, and the Chinese Theatre.

The End of the Island

Nintendo's unveiled the "Final Free Update" for Animal Crossing New Horizons, and it's a whopper.
Full of all the missing characters, extra functionality, and more.

Doctor Flux

A new six-part story from Doctor Who begins on Halloween.
Strap on your pumpkins, and prepare for adventure!



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Commercial Break


Bert the Cat


Doom C64



How To Piss off Linus

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Push to Cross

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A Very Contented Cat


90s Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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