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Created : 25 November 2021

#544 - A Girl Like News

Weekly Newsletter

A Girl Like News

#544 - Thursday 25th November, 2021

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Every Thursday, Preparing for the week ahead.


Hello Advent

Oh god, it's advent!!
I mean, not right now, obviously. We're still in November. Today's Thanksgiving.

But by the time the next newsletter appears, we'll already be deep into the ancient tradition of taking photos of cheap-ish tat with a high-end camera/phone, then uploading them to the server for other folk to see.

It's what the three wise men would've wanted.

Preparations for the coming days.
. Do you have enough room for all of those calendars, as well as space to put all the contents, once opened?
. Have you tested your camera to be sure it's going to be good enough for all those high-res macro shots?
. Have you finished off writing all those games, so you can post one a day over Advent?
. Do you have any idea what you're going to be doing for the Advent of Creativity!?

Counting Down
Here we go!



Not an awful lot going on, this week.
The days are short and cold, and it can be hard not to find yourself sat in bed, sniffling away, as another sneezing fit takes hold.
.. Or is that just me?!

Either way, there's little or no coding/otherwise on the site, this week.
Hopefully the Advent of Creativity can help fix that, though I understand time isn't exactly a luxury anymore.
Some days it's hard to squeeze in even ten minutes of creativity.
I hope that, if you have the time, you'll join in with the festivities.

See you there.


Jay made another game in SmileBASIC.
TheRevillsGames complains that all of Jay's games have been in SmileBASIC, lately, and wonders if there's any other way to play them.
Nope. 'fraid not.
Don't worry, though.. He'll be releasing about 20-odd JSE games, soon enough!


More AI Art

The AI's continue to put us all out of jobs, drawing wonderful creations with barely any input at all.


The classic Channel Four videogame show has been reborn.
Appearing first on YouTube, before going to E4, it's certainly an unusual broadcast style.
The first episode is now available to watch, for free!


Carry On Moving

Kuron continues his rather complicated work of trying to downsize to an apartment.
This week he's been shuffling furniture from one place to the other, setting up his networking, and ordering a bike.

Don't Click This..

It's one of those deep deep rabbit holes that the web has.
A REALLY detailed look at the history of BBC TV Centre.
(And sections for other tv studios, too. Aaaaarrrgghhh!!!)


All the Beatles

View on YouTube

Cat Grass


You're Hired!




Tell us how it's done!

View on YouTube


Tracker History

Stubeloo guides us through a history of Trackers

View on YouTube

90s Cover Corner

View on YouTube

VGCover Corner

View on YouTube


Sonic virtual concert coming on Tuesday

View on YouTube


View on YouTube

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Thursday, 25 November 2021, 13:53
LoL it wasn't a complaint as such... Just wondering if there was an emulator or something ok ok it was a complaint LoL
Thursday, 25 November 2021, 14:13
No, I'm kinda bummed about my lack of playable games, this year, too.
I've been battling all year with "making a language vs making anything other than SmileBASIC games"..
Hopefully the advent calendar will make up for that.
Thursday, 25 November 2021, 14:39
Gonna do the advent creativity thing this year, sounds like a good idea!
Thursday, 25 November 2021, 14:50
Thursday, 25 November 2021, 16:59
Have you tested your camera to be sure it's going to be good enough for all those high-res macro shots?

The new camera I bought a few years ago is still sitting in the box, at least I found it. Will have to charge it and test it out.
Friday, 26 November 2021, 13:35
I'll do my best to take some festive Chimbo-ween-mas photos in my hovel also, will probably mark them as NSFW for the lols