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Created : 09 December 2021

#546 - I Like To News It

Weekly Newsletter

I Like to News It

#546 - Thursday 09th December, 2021

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Every Thursday, heading off out to the doctor's.


Hello Festivities

The Advent threads are in full swing, as Xmas hurtles towards us at an alarming speed.

Join in with the Advent of Creativity, because it's looking awfully quiet in there!!

Join in wherever and whenever you can.
It'd be great to hear from you all, even if it's a small thing.

Meanwhile, the festive tat is being opened each day, and there's some absolute stinkers, but also some really nice treats, so far.


Mode 7

Spinal asks if anyone can fix his Mode-7 style graphical effect.
Jay tweaks it as much as he can, but hits a 32-bit roadblock.
Can you help solve the mathematical conundrum?


Later, Spinal asks whether anyone previously made a wiggly tentacle thing, using PlayMyCode.
Jay instantly bundles together a mini version using JSE, until Krakatomato reveals that he, indeed, attempted such a thing.
But with PMC being lost in time, can his PMC version be resurrected?!


The less said about the god damned fucking moronic government the better.
When people tune in to I'm a Celebrity just to hear Ant and Dec taking the piss out of the buffoon that's in charge of the country, you know something's horribly wrong with the entire pissing government.


Covid Tests

Have you done a test recently?
Let us know in the thread.

Stay safe.
Keep the mask on.
Be annoyed.


Who's End

The Flux mini-series of Doctor Who has ended, and it was quite a ride.
Did you enjoy it?
Did you hate that the ending didn't wrap everything up?
Or are you thankful we didn't get another Jesus Shoes thing.
Head to the thread!



The polls were recently switched to two-sitcom battles, but good grief, the backlash.
The old "I've never watched that" argument rose its head, and everybody complained about them.
I've now replaced them with generic Either/Or polls, instead.
Bah, humbug.
Now we'll never know whether Fawlty Towers or Seinfeld was better.
3rd Rock From the Sun vs Dinnerladies!?
It's all gone.

Every Plastic Container is Sacred

Rychan discovers there's more to these plastic pots than your standard oil.



Warp Bubble!!

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Commercial Break


Musical Interlude


Yahtzee vs GTA Trilogy



Too Damn Dangerous

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Snowflake Science


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Turtle Power

The turtles you missed

90s Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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