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Created : 16 December 2021

#547 - A Bit of a Waffle

Weekly Newsletter

A Bit of a Waffle

#547 - Thursday 16th December, 2021

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Every Thursday, Switching to the 2019 Xmas Bauble site theme, because I still haven't made anything better.


Hello World

Found myself on the low-side of mental health, this week.
I think the amount of doom and gloom in the news/online is getting to me again.
I spent most of the past couple of nights, instead, watching some of my Red Dwarf/Corner Gas collection, and it's certainly helped quite a bit.

You know what isn't helping?
Star Trek : Discovery. Good grief, that's being depressing this year, isn't it?!
And if you're already feeling low, anything like that can push you deeper, down, into the hole.

Be aware of what's going on around you, and if something's getting you down, take action to change that.
That's what I'll be trying to do over the next few days.

Stay cheery, folks. Or at the very least, try to.


A fuckton of people died, this week, and the forum let us know about each and every one, in thread after thread after thread.

Back in early 2020, right at the start of COVID, I asked people to keep the RIPs into a single RIP thread, because it looked like it might get really bad for a while.
After lockdown ended, the deaths started to sprawl back into multiple threads. I'm just as much to blame as everyone else, but in recent weeks it's just gotten worse and worse for Celebrity Deaths, and they're popping off at an alarming rate.
I mean, I think there were five thread-worthy deaths, this week??
It's 2016, all over again.

I feel like some kind of clampdown is necessary, again, but don't want to be "that" guy.

Perhaps a new RIP thread would help?
I'm not sure.
All I know is, it's depressing as fuck to see a site full of death, especially given the distinct lack of other, more relevant, creative/coding topics.

Clamping down seems to be the only way out of this depressing spiral.

I've added a 2022 RIP Thread.
It'll do for now.



Not a lot of coding on the site, this week.
The only vaguely code-related topic, this week, has been Steve grumbling about AGK being broken.
It's never a good thing when a tool breaks for no reason.
It's infinitely worse when the tool breaks because someone thinks it's a good idea.
Why is AGK broken?
Who knows.


More death, more destruction.
More doom and gloom.
Enhanced super-covid, Tornado destruction, and worst of all.. an insane number of Christmas parties.

As we appear to be heading into yet another lockdown, (You all know it's coming. Don't pretend it isn't!!) things are going to hit an even further rock-bottom than they already have.

Why not choose to stay indoors where it's safer, try to do something creative, and then post that to the forum, instead of doom-scrolling through miserable news sites and Facebook garbage.

It's time to pull ourselves out from the pit of doom that a lot of us (myself very much included) appear to be stuck in, dust ourselves off, and get back to the things that make us happy instead of the woes of misfortune that are currently plaguing the entire internet.

Less Boris..
More Horace..


Advent of Tat

Advent continues, and Jay's seemingly stressed to breaking point by what should've been a fun ad creative calendar.
Rockford continues to get some really odd bits and pieces in his calendar.
I think Jay could do with half of those items as a form of stress relief!!

Advent of Creativity

Over in the Creativity thread, there's not been nearly as much creativity as in previous years, which is a bit of a letdown.
At least there's the cryptic AI Calendar Pics to keep us entertained, and Rychan's hot pictures for the lads.


Is Qube OK?

Over at SyntaxBomb, head honcho top-guy, Qube, appears to have gone missing.
If you have any information on his well-being, please let the community know.


Musical Interlude

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Musical Interlude


Commercial Break


Musical Interlude


Daily Dose of Trek


Musical Interlude


Musical Interlude - In the Nude




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And Spelling!

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Tat or No Tat

Ashens reviews a bunch of tech from Poundland

80s Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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Super Mega Mashup Corner

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Thursday, 16 December 2021, 05:00
Will see if I can get some sorta code done on Sunday perhaps Depends how I am after the Works Christmas Do on Caturday
Thursday, 16 December 2021, 09:06
That Speak & Spell comparison was interesting (my iter had one as a kid).

That Jam Jarre video though - why? It was already better than the remix. It's not awful, but it was totally unnecessary.

BTW - I was at Docklands BITD; Jarre was my favourite artiste many, many years ago...
Thursday, 16 December 2021, 11:53
I've heard a LOT of bad Jarre-mixes. This one was at least listenable!