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Created : 22 December 2021

#548 - A Festive Letter

Weekly Newsletter

A Festive Letter

#548 - Thursday 23rd December, 2021

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Every Thursday, from the North Pole.


(I stole that from Ashens .. Sshhhh!!)

A festive newsletter, and as is tradition,
I wrote it in verse like I knew you were wishin'.
Sip at your Baileys, and let out a cheer.
Merry Christmas to all, and a Happy New Year.

A Gentle Reminder

How long does the turkey who lives in the freezer,
Take to warm up, like an old hairy geezer?
Check all the timings and carry the eight,
And do not forget to add time for the weight.

Bring out your turkey or else Christmas Dinner,
May be a disaster and not quite the winner.
Spruce up the table and fill it with tat,
Then feed up your family, and also the cat.

Gifts Behind The Doors

The days are much darker as Christmas draws near.
Soon we'll be wishing a happy new year.
For now we have Advent so we open your doors,
And find lots of gifts which we'd not seen before.

A feast full of cherries. A string that can stretch.
And a curious robot to run off and fetch.
These are the presents we never could guess.
We picked out our calendars and hoped for the best.


Gifts, So Creative

The coders create all the things that you see.
Wonderful content for you and for me.
They try to make fanciful content to please.
But with life taking over, it's not quite a breeze.

Instead, for some fun, a picture each day,
Designed by computer, and posted away.
Make fun of its spelling, quite easy to do,
As it squiggles and splatters the pictures for you.


Gifting Indoors

As people approach from the cold festive air.
Invite them in kindly, but always beware.
The big evil virus, which lurks in the dark,
Is swimming behind them like some kind of shark.

The government says that it isn't a worry,
So people rush outside to meet in a flurry.
It hasn't yet gone, and in ways it's much worse.
So be mindful of Covid. Remember this verse.


Gift of Confusion

ProHiScore brings us some links to amuse.
With geography puzzles to keep us confused.
Do you know your Yorkshire from Devon, or Kent?
From home, what direction to Wilshire is spent?

To make things much worse, there's a US edition.
Place all the States on the map, like tradition.
I think that I know where Nevada is at,
But don't ask me Ohio, or Connecticut.

Gift of Gaming

Pandora is opening all kinds of methods,
To make an arcade in your home without effort.
The biggest of tasks to create all the fun,
Is where in the house could the arcade be done.

Gifts in a Stream

If you're after a present to give them a cheer,
You could offer a gift of some shows for a year.
NextUp has stand-up from all round the world,
Who cheer us all up with their funny old words.

Gift of Reading

A magazine. So retro. So niche.
With writers who write out the words, laid beneath.
Are you of the type who would read all the pages,
And savours the content to last through the ages.

Gifts on Cassette

Merrily tiding with ladders and floors.
Roland begins his adventures once more.
An Amstrad is needed to play with this treat.
Or an emu, I guess, but watch out for its beak.

Santa's Ginormous Sack of Festive Tuneage

View on YouTube






Extra fine choonage which Kuron felt festive,
Can be seen in this thread while you eat a digestive.

Festive Cooking

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View on YouTube

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Wednesday, 22 December 2021, 18:45
Christmas is coming,
The goose is getting fat,
If you haven;t got a goose,
Then you'd better cook the cat.

Merry Christmas to one and all. Have a good and safe one