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Created : 06 January 2022

#549 - Feedback Welcome

Weekly Newsletter

Feedback Welcome

#549 - Thursday 06th January, 2022

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Every Thursday, except last week, because I was being a lazy shit and had drank far too much Baileys, and eaten more Mince Pies that any sane person should eat..
And god only knows how many packets of Rum Chocolate Truffle Balls I gobbled my way through.


Happy New Year

Join in the happy cheeriness in the Happy New Year thread, kicked off as always, by our man from the future, TheRevillsGames.

Plans for 2022

Have you got anything planned?
How did 2021's plans go?
Let us know.


Hello World

A couple of minor tweaks to the newsletter, this week.
The Tubage section is all higgledy-piggledy, not quite itself, and there's a couple of new sections in the main newsletter.

I've added a "It's a bit like a 10-liner, but tweaked to fit in the newsletter better" section.
It runs in GotoJSE.com, so if you feel that's a bit too "Me, Me, Me", you have two options.

A. You can let me know about it being a bit too "Me, Me, Me"
B. You can code your own, send it to me in a private message/email/etc, and get your own little creations in future newsletters.

The template can be found here.



TheRevillsGames wonders if there's an easier way to spin a set of interconnected objects around a specific point.
I can .. vaguely do this. It's wonky, but it kinda works.
Don't ask me to zoom in on it, too, though, 'cos that always goes bad.
And thank god it's not in 3D!!
If you're better at rotational maths than I am, then hop along and chip in with the discussion.
(Shroom Monk's giving it a go, too, so there's at least one person in the thread who knows what he's doing!

Beeing Happy

Rychan gets back to his Bee game.
Sounds like he's adding a little extra complexity into the gameplay, which should hopefully make for a more playable game at the end of the day.


Rockford Forges Lego

NintendoLife took note of Rockford's epic little Lego figures, and posted it to their site as a news piece.
Epic going, Rockford!!

Chilli Boiger

Warm yourself up, on these cold winter nights, with one of Rychan's epic sounding Chilli Boigers.

Man, I sure do wish we had some kind of magic TV that could let us taste these wonderful creations..


Top 100

RevStu posts his top 100 ZX Spectrum list.
Can you guess the Number One without peeking?


The most perfect flag possible.
I want one!!


Minor Tweaks

A new page to see all your threads, and a placeholder on the Shoutbox.
These amazing new features have kept Jay busy for .. oooh, minutes at a time, in-between all the other stuff.
Want to add more things onto Jay's plate?
Stick 'em in the Tweak thread!

Qube Returns

Over on SyntaxBomb, Qube has finally shown up again, and .. Oh Boy..


Mini Digs


Grab as many gems as you can without running out of time, or getting crushed by a falling gem.


On The Chase

One of these was a contestant on The Chase, this week.

View on YouTube

Riding at Knight

All about that fantastic intro.

Alexa Says What?

Linus reiterates the story of Alexa telling a child to electrocute herself, then everything goes off tangent, and devolves into tales of stupidly as children.


Mental Health

Arlo's struggling with the pressure.

View on YouTube

Boxes for Cocks

The kinds of things people end up doing after being stuck in the house during lockdown.

Old Studio

Jazza shows what he's done with the old studio.



The mega system that could've/should've been.

View on YouTube


We've been getting ripped off for years.

Bakery Fakery

Captain Disillusionment finds out more..

Outdoor Pursuits

A Line Across Wales : Take Three

Off we go again!

View on YouTube

Day Two

In Conversation


Michael Rosenbaum interviews Tom Welling

View on YouTube

90s Cover Corner

View on YouTube

TVRemix Corner

View on YouTube

VGRemix Corner

View on YouTube


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