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Created : 17 February 2022

#555 - Give That Wolf a Newsletter

Weekly Newsletter

Give That Wolf a Newsletter

#555 - Thursday 17th February, 2022

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Every Thursday, Watching someone else build a flatpack chest of drawers.


Hello World

Rather late in the day writing this week's newsletter. Sorry.
Time's run away from me.
I'd mention all the bedroom stuff I've been doing, but that gets a mention later on, so stay tuned for that!! (Oooh, a teaser!!)
Kinda knackered, right now, if I'm honest.

The newsletter will do as it is.
Hit Compile, then Copy&Paste
Let's go!!


Bad Tutorial

Jay's absolutely lost the art of teaching, and this "tutorial" for swirly enemy movement patterns certainly shows it.
Jay was hoping to start an entire series of things like this, but given how bloody awful the formatting on this single blog post is, he's had to rethink the entire thing.
Maybe he should do those new-fangled video tutorials like all the cool kids do...?
But who wants to hear Jay's god-awful Bolton accent?! Not even Jay could cope with that!


What We Did

Rychan's getting back into the life of fitness, with a new Gym/Personal Trainer thing, whilst Dabz is doing an Art Attack and refreshing his house using PVA glue.

Jay's Bedoom

On a much smaller scale, Jay continues to attempt to rearrange a decade's worth of unmoved crap, whilst building up a bit of Ikea Flatpack stuff.



Help the rocketeer save the creature, in this brand new Amstrad CPC adventure.


SyntaxBomb News

Last week Qube struggled with .. everything, and temporarily closed down the site. This week it's back, and rather than having to deal with everything on his own, Qube has asked a couple of other forum members to become moderators on the site.
Hopefully they can help lighten the load enough that he can take some much needed time to sort out all the other IRL crap that's going on, right now.
If you're a registered member, be sure to send him some *distant ascii hugs*


Rescue Rangers - The Movie

Is this a good idea? Who knows.
Disney attempts a movie for Chip'n'Dale, with a Live Action/Animation/CGI multi-blend.




If you'd like to submit your own 40x25 mini game, check out the Box-Coding thread.



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Musical Interlude


Musical Interlude

The Lethal Weapon's new album is out on Wednesday 23rd Feb.
.. That's my birthday!
Birthday Album! \o/yeay\o/

Bill Plympton



Dooby Duck!

(From 3:13)

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Abort or Fail

Which one does what?


Apple Leftovers

What kind of tools does Apple use, internally

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Televised Pursuits

Strike One

The tale of the ITV strike

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Strike Two

The tale of the Colour Strike

VGCover Corner

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JPop Live

Hitomi Yaida

A couple of acoustic tracks from a concert she did in December.

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Eurovision Corner

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..and in Danny mode..


Extra VGCover Corner

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