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Created : 23 February 2022

#556 - NewsThumping

Weekly Newsletter


#556 - Thursday 24th February, 2022

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Every Thursday, Rushing..!


Hello World

Took Wednesday off. A nice, chilled, relaxing birthday.
Thanks for all the birthday wishes.
Had a lovely day.
.. Up until about 6pm, when Mum got a text from Virgin Media to remind us about work going on in the area tomorrow.
"What!?" says I...
So, I won't have internet tomorrow (today when you read this) so I'm going to have to now rush to do all my Thursday Morning things before my net goes off.
I'm now panickilily scrambling a newsletter together, uploading the weekly ALChoon, and maybe even get tomorrow's Platdude Pixelart drawn once midnight hits.. I'll see if I'm still awake then.

Anyhoo, thanks for the Birthday wishes.
Me and Mum ate a dozen doughnuts between us, in the space of about 10 hours.

... Ooops!



Cardagain Again

Jay makes that same Cardagain game, for the umpteenth time, this time on the Switch.
Over the course of a week, 1 person has liked it.
I usually get about 7 per game, lately.

.. Seriously, why does nobody like this game?!
It's a lovely little mental challenge.
You can't please all of the players, all of the time.
And sometimes you can't please any of them, any of the time.
*flips table*


Build a Stargate

Kristian builds Stargate, and also gives out a tutorial so you can build your own.
Stargates can be connected to the internet to establish wormholes between various destinations.
The world of planets are at your fingertips. As long as your fingertips also remembered to build a DHD.

Visit a Stargate

Can't build your own?
Good thing England has its very own Stargate.
Just type Stargate into your online map of choice, and get your cosmic journey started.


The A500 Mini

A general consensus of "Not really.." for this device, which is a bit of a shame, because I bet it's actually full of functionality, and would work great for those who have lost touched with their Amiga Heritage.
Wonder how well it'd work as an Amiga Dev device?
Shove Blitz2.0 and AMOS Pro on the thing, then get coding..?


Dabz's World of Construction

Dabz continues to work wonders on his house, with a gorgeous looking fireplace, and more.




If you'd like to submit your own 40x25 mini game, check out the Box-Coding thread.


Animation Time

View on YouTube



Musical Interlude


Careful Now

Down with this sort of thing.



Heavy, man!

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Game of Morons

Is Portal a game about morons?

View on YouTube

Odd Remake

The French sure do pick some odd TV Shows to remake..
And, with such precision, too.

Indoor Pursuits

Basil time

The impact of various conditions on the growing of basil.
Riveting stuff!

View on YouTube

In Conversation

Lex Luther vs Lana Lang

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90s Cover Corner

Drink a Whiskey Drink

View on YouTube

Drink a Cider Drink


Oh, Danny Boy


You're never going to keep Buff down


He Sings the Songs that Remind Him of the Better Times



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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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Pakz Playz Popz

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