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Created : 24 March 2022

#560 - News 2

Weekly Newsletter

News 2

#560 - Thursday 24th March, 2022

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Every Thursday, the world is getting worse and worse.


Hello World

Been learning how to Blitz, this week.
Having to learn a whole bunch of new commands, or relearn old Blitz PC commands that work in slightly different ways, is definitely proving to be a challenge.
How far will I take my experiments with the Amiga?
I'd really love to start making a bunch of my traditional little games on there.
I'm wondering if I make a collection, how I might go about updating it, when I decide to add more games.
Or should I do some sort of frequent pack of games?

Four games on a disk. A new pack every couple of months?!
That might work..
.. hmmm..

Didn't I try to do that on iOS at one point!?
Whatever happened to that plan?

So many abandoned ideas.

First I need to get a single game up and running, and that will of course be SpikeDislike.
*fingers crossed*



After a stressful waiting period, Spinal's "Brain" watch face got approved on the FitBit face-archive.
Now you can stare at your watch and pretend you're Penny.


A500 Mini Time

The A500 Mini has been sent out to all your favourite Retro YouTubers, and the verdict is seemingly good enough.
Will you be grabbing one?

Gloom - By Mark Sibly?

The 3D Doom-alike for Amigas was written by the Blitz-creator Mark Sibly?
Who knew!!?
...Pakz knew.
Jay didn't.
Did you?



This site hosts entire archives of old computer magazines.
Amstrad, Spectrum, Commodore, BBC, Dragon, Amiga, Atari, Megadrive.. You name it, it's probably in here.
Each archive is available as a torrent, which then extracts to a bunch of .pdf files that you can browse at your leisure.
A great way to find some oldskool programming tutorials.

Bomb Bomb Buster

Blow up the boss in this new ZX Spectrum game!


Unity HDRP Demo

Unity have shown off their latest technology, and it's absolutely stunningly detailed.
Imagine Miner Willy looking that good!


No Covers

Bandcamp, having been bought out by Epic Games, have released their new Terms Of Use which seem to be heavily clamping down on Cover Versions. Not sure if that was in there before, but traditionally Bandcamp was a great place if you wanted to get the cover versions that YouTube didn't allow!


Sorry, I haven't had time to write a mini-game, this week.
Well, that's a lie. I've got fucktons of time.
I tried making a swirling 3D vortex, but couldn't figure out how it would play as a game, nor did I have the space left in the 40x25 code to make much of a game in, anyway.
I also tried writing a retro-style "outrun-esque" car track, and as much as it almost worked, it didn't feel right at all. And was slow. Bugger..

Then I gave up trying to make anything in the time I had left.


I originally made this little section in the hopes that other people might contribute some playthings, too.

But... Nope..
In fact, other than myself using it for little mini games, the whole of GotoJSE's pretty much been a waste of a year, hasn't it.
Aaah, the realisation that you've wasted a whole bunch of time that you could've instead spent writing more little games that nobody ever plays.

If you'd like to submit your own 40x25 mini game, check out the Box-Coding thread.


Time Travel

Ask the Expert

View on YouTube

Musical Interlude

Epic dance moves


The Eyes!

View on YouTube

Pleasant Fridge

A free fridge!

Red Nose Tube

View on YouTube

Linus Tube


Linus gets some panels

View on YouTube

Will it Come Off?

Linus gives it a good yank to find out..

Crafty Pursuits

View on YouTube

Super Pursuit

View on YouTube

90s Cover Corner

View on YouTube

VGRemix Corner


View on YouTube

Documentary Time

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