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Created : 07 April 2022

#562 - Hey Newsy

Weekly Newsletter

Hey Newsy

#562 - Thursday 07th April, 2022

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Every Thursday, Hitting Alt+W to make the emulated Amiga reboot slightly faster.


Hello World

Oh lordy, the Amiga's slow.

"I'll just empty this 128x128x10 element array"
30 seconds later.
"... Aaarggh!!!"

Having to rethink how I do even the most basic of things, and it's really making me sympathise with what Rychan had to do, fitting Flap Happy down onto a Gameboy.
My goodness, how crammed that must've been, to get anything even vaguely decent working on there.

I'm going to have to do a drastically different level layout style, to get anything even vaguely Flappadiddle'y to work on the Amiga.
And all without particles, because.. Yeah, that ain't happening!




Spinal continues to work out how to get his little screen to work, and now has to find out what tech can go alongside it.
Mmmm, Pi!

Unreal Showcase

Unity had it's showcase thing the other week, so now it's Unreal's time to shine.
Showing off some incredible looking worlds that I have absolutely no chance of ever managing to create.
Lovely stuff


Chopper Defence

Psychic Parrot's released a Jetpac-like game for the ZX Spectrum.

Spectrums are HUGE

The massive rubber keyboard, and all those tapes, too.
Gosh, it soon adds up.
What if your collection was a little smaller.
What if it was all one in one little cassette?
.. including the Speccy..


Energy Price Hikes

The UK's cost of energy has risen to insane levels.
A thread of tips and whinges and more seemed inevitable, so Jay started it off, and everyone had a whinge.
Have any tips for basic survival? Let us know!


Musical Interlude

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Tech Review

Still haven't upgraded to an M1 MacBook?
Perhaps this might persuade you.


Caught on camera.

Musical Interlude

The bizarre juxtaposition between the pop and the heavy metal is quite curious.



Marcel the Shell?



The Future

Looking back to a look at the future.

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What's Wrong?



I Do Voices!

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The Backpack That Could End Linus


In Conversation

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80s Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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MovieCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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Pakz Playz Popz

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Thursday, 07 April 2022, 03:27
Hehe, reminds me that I still have to finish cramming Flap Happy onto the Gameboy, but am finishing off the main gameloop for Bee Happy quite happily!

Best of luck with the Amiga port!
Thursday, 07 April 2022, 11:45
Lol@M1 review

I have a M1 Mac Mini, and I quite like it, I run all the software I need on it, but, like anything, stuff doesnt work, not big deals, but take BlitzMax and it's NG variant, dead as door stops on the ends of a Dodo's shoes... Another couple of years, them platforms in Blitzmax whatever will be offically dead.

GLBasic has bit the dust regarding newer versions of iOS, which is no surprise due to the fact OpenGL is deprecated on iPhone, it still works, but, Apple being Apple, we'll wake up one day and if your app isnt running Metal, then... Bye bye. I am a bit gutted by that thought as I've been using Cerburus X, and I love it... But the reality is that the potential of one day I'll hit the build button for my project and it will down tools once it sniffs OGL! I believe it's coming.

But, not all doom and gloom... I have Parallels on this thing, installed Windows 11 Arm64, the Insiders Preview build, and it works swimmingly, it badges on about "Windows Activation", so, got myself a cheap Win10 USB thingy with a code, shoved that in and it activated, so when I want to play with something on Windows, I dont have to pull my Surface out for the pleasure.

But all in all, I think my M1 has been a sound investment, my old Win10 PC had all the techy requirements required to upgrade to Win11, but alas, dropped just short of the required generation of intel processor, which was dumb of MS because it was a perfectly good PC, so give it to my brother, and, well... I'm happy enough to stay with Mac from now on, it is actually lovely, all quiet, and, the worst case is when I'm stitching 360 video together or doing anything in Premier Pro, it takes slightly longer then my old PC, but nothing unbearable.

Thursday, 07 April 2022, 11:51
Yeah, my switch from Win to MacBook Air M1 was one of the main reasons I wrote GotoJSE, last year.
I think I've given up trying to make exes!!
Thursday, 07 April 2022, 12:18
Oh, and you spoiled me with the Pirates of the Caribbean tube... My most fave sound track ever... And, she was excellent !

Still go over my night in Clermont-Ferrand when I went to see this...


The only section that wasnt there was the choir... They were popping up on the big tele behind them with their ohhhh and ahhhhhs. Everyone else was there though, my fave drummer girl [Aleksandra Suklar] giving it the beans on OP and the mallets... mad hair fluterest and general will make a tune out of any type of pipe Pedro Eustache living his dream, and quite the smart violinist (but has an amusing surname) Rusanda Panfili was great with her solo's!

Oh, and not everyones cup of tea of a sound track, but Vaiva Kalinauskaite literally took my breathe away with her performance of Now We Are Free from the Gladiator movie... I thought this was performed by Lisa Gerrard usually, but that night Ms Kalinauskaite performed it and it was sheer perfection!!!

View on YouTube

EDIT: ^Not actual footage from concert, but, this is what you got for your monies!!!

Eeeeee I wish I could go back and see it all again!