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Created : 09 June 2022

#570 - Monster News

Weekly Newsletter

Monster News

#570 - Thursday 09th June, 2022

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Every Thursday, Exhausted


Hello World

You know that thing when you've written another 100 games and you suddenly realise how truly out of fresh ideas you are?
And you know that thing when you're sitting writing a newsletter having just posted the 800th game to AGameAWeek, but are already having to think about the next SmileBASIC game you have to do.
And you know when you're thinking about your next SmileBASIC game and realise it's your 150th one of those?
You know all of that...?

I'm so very very tired!!!



JSE Bugs

Pakz has been fantastic at finding JSE bugs in recent weeks. It's great to finally have someone plucking these things out for me, and I've been wresting the quirks into non-existence as he finds them.
There was one request that went somewhat unfulfilled though. A request for "infinite arrays", seems, to me at least, against the functionality that JSE was intended for.
Plus, we all know you only need 48K to fit a whole universe into a ZX Spectrum!

Switching Off

How often do you properly turn off your PC?
A thread spawned from an email conversation, where Jay's old college mate Dave whinged about having to turn his PC back on, after getting an email.


Monitor Frame

Spinal's making a monitor for his A500Mini.
.. But what IS that?
Is it paper?
3D Printed?
Looks neat, whatever it is.

Dall-E Mini

Pakz finds a mini edition of Dall-E, that can be used.. kind of..
Just a few days later, and that server is giving me a lot of "Too much traffic" errors!!
Poor thing didn't stand a chance!


It's not E3, and all the greatest companies are showing off things we won't see for ages.
From new ways to play Resident Evil, to new ways to play No Man's Sky, to new ways to switch between tasks on a Mac. All the companies are out in full "presentation mode", probably wearing their best suit, but maybe not because nobody can really see them, and if there's a bunch of cat hair on the jacket sleeve, you could always edit it out in post.
Yes indeedy, but we aren't even done yet!
There's still Nintendo and Microsoft to do their own big events, and if Goldeneye doesn't show up this time around, it likely never will.
Hop along into the NotE3 thread, and tell us about some of your favourite reveals.


Scorpion Update

The Scorpion Engine is a modern UI based game creation tool for the Amiga, which itself was apparently coded on top of BlitzBasic? Or maybe it uses Blitz's source or something ... I'm not entirely sure!
Either way, the latest version has been uploaded, this week, and the GitHub page includes a whole host of demo games, created using the engine.
If you're after making an Amiga game, this'll more than likely stop you from pulling your hair out, trying to figure out how to do simple scrolling in Blitz!!


Oh Crikey

Don't panic, it isn't the site's fault.
But this week I discovered that Pakz's browser is occasionally spurting out current URL's as Referral data, when he visits different sites.
It's a DEFINITE security flaw, but thankfully it's nothing I've done, and is absolutely something on his end.
But whatever could it be?
I've spent all day trying to figure it out, but haven't yet come up with any real ways to repeat the oddity.
Either way, Parcel Tracking codes really shouldn't be being sent as Referral URLs.


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Protect the Prime Directive



Kitty Komposer

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The Horror

Aaaah, Sonic 4.

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Outdoor Pursuits

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In Conversation

Lex Luthor chats to Clark's Adopted Mum

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AnimeCover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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