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Created : 11 August 2022

#579 - Melting News

Weekly Newsletter

Melting News

#579 - Thursday 11th August, 2022

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Every Thursday, OH MY GOD IT'S SO HOT


Hello World

All week we have to put up with this heatwave...
All smegging week.

It's Wednesday as I write this, and my heat rash has flared up something awful. Again!! Antihistamines are keeping it under control, but it's every damn day, lately.

It's too hot to sleep at night, but also too hot to code anything, as my mind's turned to mush.

Instead, I've been uselessly sitting watching mindless TV shows all week, because I just can't concentrate for more than a few minutes at a time, not to mention how abandoned my poor little Quest 2 VR is, of late.
Definitely too hot to be swinging my arms around. Not unless I want the whole bedroom stinking of sweat.

Oh my god, how do people in other countries put up with this?
Brice is living it up in 113 degrees Fahrenheit. That's about 45 degrees C!!!
I can't even count to 45, right now, my brain's that melted, and the UK's not even 2/3'rds that hot!!

Oh my god, this is only going to get worse in years to come.
We're so completely fucked..



Chaos Control

Spinal finds a slight issue with multiple controllers in SmileBASIC.
Jay lets him know the secret sauce!
SmileBASIC has an "XCtrlStyle" command that opens up the Switch's "select controllers" dialogue box, and allows you to use all manner of things, from separate JoyCons with individual Motion control, enabling the ability to use the little IR Camera from the right JoyCon, switching to Pro Controllers, and even making use of the various ToyCons from the original Labo pack.
It's quite a handy little command, really.

Post Things!

Jay starts a thread full of random stuff that he's been writing using GotoJSE, which aren't necessarily game related. In fact, most of the things he's posting are just pretty patterns and such.
FYI : The "Forest Walk" is from a recent ALChoon, as is "A Little Tree"
Jay's been enjoying making odd backgrounds for his videos.
If you've created a nice "oddity" be sure to post it in the thread.


Make Some Code

Pakz finds a lovely AI Code Generator that can do exactly what it says on the tin.
Simply ask it to write a function for something, like "Write a function to display the correct number of candles for a person's birthday cake, based on their date of birth" and it'll magic up a function before your very eyes.

OK, it's not foolproof..
In fact, it's barely even proof.
But it does at least try, and if you need a kickstart into figuring out a way to solve a problem, it might just give you the prod you've been looking for.


8-Bit Symphony Part Two

Honestly, I've no idea when this became available, but if you head on over to the site, you can pre-order the 8-bit Symphony Pro Second Half, and immediately access the digital download before the CD properly releases.. ..And I've no idea when that is, either.
The webpage seems eerily lacking in the information department!

If you click on the video, it's a playlist of clips from all the tracks.
Original 8-bit Micro classic tracks orchestrated by Rob Hubbard, Chris Abbott, Ben Daglish, and more, then mixed and mastered by Allister Brimble.
What a set of names!
(Part One is, of course, also available, as are the Surround Sound Blu-Rays)


Nothing to note, this week, that I can remember.
The odd server mis-behaviour from last week seems to have been fixed, which is good.
Those poor people over at Linode.. They only get tweeted at when something goes wrong.
Perhaps I ought tweet a nice message to them..

Oh, yeah, I added a delete button to the shoutbox the other week.. Did I mention that?!
I don't think I did.
I wonder if anyone's clicked it? (I have, already! I deleted a Shout once I posted the same info into a thread. Seemed silly to have it appear twice, and it was super-easy to delete it. Awesome!!)

I didn't add a confirm button, though, but I figured... it's only a shout, you can rewrite it in an instant.
I mostly added the function so that when the thing buggers up a URL, people have a chance to fix it themselves..
I will still, of course, be fixing up any dodgy over-sized URL issues as per usual, but it at least gives you a chance to do some DIY editing of a sort, without me having to code an Edit function..
.. Which is the main reason I ended up putting in a lazy delete button! Who could be arsed writing all the code for an Edit button, when a delete does the job?

Now I just have to fix those god-damned ampersands..
Always the ampersands.
Which idiot made the web rely on those so damned much!?!


Good Trek

Paramount Plus UK have finished their broadcasting of Strange New Worlds, and Jay is incredibly impressed by how good it's been, all the way through, without a shitty over-reaching arc to bugger it all up.
Bring back episodic TV, I say!

HBO Woes

If you're in the US and are enjoying the HBO Max service, look out, because it appears the whole damn thing is breaking apart at the seams.
After two fairly substantial movies got unceremoniously canned right at the last minute, all eyes are on parent company (The freshly merged "Warner Bros Discovery") to figure out exactly what's going on over there.

Quantum How?

NBC will be broadcasting the first episode of the new Quantum Leap in just over a month's time.
But when will we see it over in the UK?
Nobody's sure, yet, but we can at least now Ask Ziggy, as Alexa takes on a brand new persona.
Interestingly, Martin "Golden Boy" Gero has been named as the showrunner, so that should be a good thing,
See also : bits of Stargate SG1, a lot more of Atlantis, as well as some Universe, and a few other bits and pieces along the way.


DIY Columbo

Tim Vine recreates the classics

View on YouTube

DIY Magnum

Stay cool with a fancy choc ice

Musical Interlude

"Asaka Naruko Yuwakai" was composed by Takahara, who's part of SmileBoom's sound team.
The music won the grand prize at the 39th Asaka Citizens' Festival "Saikasai"
(...Assuming Google Translate worked all of that out correctly!)


Star Trek

From that episode of Breaking Bad

View on YouTube

UK vs US

Brits are Weird

View on YouTube

Americans are Weird



View on YouTube

Fiverr vs AI Art


Outdoor Pursuits


View on YouTube

In Conversation (sort of)

Doogie Howser

View on YouTube

70s Cover Corner

View on YouTube

90s Mashup Corner

View on YouTube


View on YouTube

Classical Movie Mash Corner

View on YouTube

VGRemix Corner

View on YouTube


View on YouTube

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