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Created : 22 September 2022

#584 - Listen To Your News

Weekly Newsletter

Listen To Your News

#584 - Thursday 22nd September, 2022

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No Coding

I don't know about the rest of you, but I've been working on the same game for most of the week, and progress has been slow and ludicrously unfruitful.
As much as I couldn't give a rats arse about royalty, the televised event was absolutely engrossing in ways that we'll likely never see again.

Now it's back to reality.
There's coding to be done
ALChoons need to be tweaked
And there's a looming energy crisis that's going to screw all of us.

Oh, the fun!



Not much going on in the world of coding/creativity, this week, but the new Question of the Day thread seems to be going smoothly enough. .. Except last Friday, and this morning, when it literally posted nothing, and I had to kickstart the function to get it to spit out another question!

Meanwhile, the thread is full of talk of Texts and Losses and Bridges, with all manner of stories and tales being told.
Join in with your own answers, and let's all get to know each other in ways we previously didn't!


RIP - Valery Polyakov

Steve struggles to count the days between two given dates.
This is something I VERY often struggle with.
At the top of each newsletter is that week's date, and still after years of writing this thing, I always have to use a calendar to check what next week's date is, because my head keeps fighting between "It's 7 days later" and "There's 7 days in a week, so that's 8 days later"
Literally every single week I do this..

It's pathetic.
I can code hundreds of amazing things with beautiful mathematics, but adding a week to a date is seemingly impossible.

Oh, and a Russian Cosmonaut passed away, this week.

RIP - Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen's funeral was held on Monday, and millions of people around the world tuned in to watch the coverage. From the BBC's Huw Edwards being as solemn as he possibly could, to that weird bit when someone on ITV accidentally left an open mic on, leading to us hearing someone exclaim "The death is irreversible... And she's trapped"


Return to Monkey Island is now available on Steam and Switch, with other versions coming "Soon".
With its unique graphical style and a whole host of pointing and clicking, I'm sure it'll be a fantastic game.
It's a spiritual sequel to the second game in the series, so you can happily ignore all those "not quite right" editions that can later.
I haven't tried it yet, though, so this might end up just as bad.
If you have tried it, be sure to let us know how you got on with it.


Quantum Leap

Jay recommends you do watch the new Quantum Leap. The first episode, though rushed, was indeed a continuation of the series, and not a drastic reimagining as many had feared.
The show opened on the same white-on-black text that ended the original run, and the characters refer to both Sam and Al within the show.
Also, Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters) is playing the character "Magic", that I'm REALLY looking forward to having explored! (spoilers!!?)


Rockford recommends you don't watch the Idris Elba latest movie "Beast"
"It's total and utter shit." he claims.
Have you seen it?
Is it really that bad?

The Orville

The Orville Season Three is one of the better seasons of TV that I've watched in the past couple of years, and I'm not ashamed to admit I was welling up at almost every episode in the season.
Quite how a show got from childish humour to tear-jerking sci-fi is beyond me, but it sure as hell did, and it managed it in a way that would make any Trekkie proud of the series it became.

Last week, @StePickford asked for suggestions for good shows to watch on Disney+, and I recommended The Orville.
Then @SethMacFarlane retweeted it, and my phone lit up in ways that it hasn't done since the dawn of SpikeDislike!!


The Adverts are getting worse

Just how much worse can the adverts on YouTube get?
Quite a lot worse, from what some users are seeing.
With tales of up to 10 unskippable adverts in a single break, YouTube really is starting to take the piss with all of this.

Trek to the Power Shares

View on YouTube
And a discussion about the advert by Mumoss

Angry Mum





View on YouTube


Red Dwarf

A look into the fictional life of a mining ship

View on YouTube

Outdoor Pursuits

Places to visit

This guy reminds me of Jarvis

View on YouTube

And some more

In Conversation

Mickey Mouse

How the most recent Mickey Voice got the job

View on YouTube

90s Cover Corner

View on YouTube

Stop That Cover

View on YouTube

TVCover Corner

View on YouTube

VGRemix Corner

View on YouTube


Rob Hubbard and Ben Daglish in the studio

View on YouTube

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