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Created : 20 October 2022

#588 - Ain't That a News in the Letter

Weekly Newsletter

Ain't That a News in the Letter

#588 - Thursday 20th October, 2022

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Every Thursday, Nothing to see here


Hello World

At time of writing, there's little to no content on the "Tubeage" section of the newsletter.
I literally haven't had the time to be doing that this week.
Life's been kinda hectic over at JNKHouse of late, and things aren't letting up any time soon.
There's been numerous visits for numerous jabs, a diabetes eye test, a death on the street, a court case in the family, and more.
It's really not let up, at all.
Thursday (today when you're probably reading this) is the anniversary of my Nan's passing. Such a week.

I've been trying to take my mind off things by switching off, but the unforgivable passage of time has rushed passed me, and

..already it's time to be writing another bloomin' newsletter.

How the hell did that happen?!


Python For Gadgets

Rychan continues to build his Wibbly device, which uses a Raspberry Pi, a wibbly box and a speaker, and is creating the software part using "Circuit Python", which sounds like it's ideal for making tiny bits of code that runs in small spaces.


Ableton iOS App

Ableton have released a "Notes" app for iPhone (and not bothered to make a full-sized iPad version so you get the crumby iPhone sized window on an iPad) which lets you scribble down musical ideas.
It's a decent enough idea, but Korg Gadget already has an Ableton Export button, and that's a much more functional app.

Club Disco

Jay made a Solitaire game this week, because he was too busy with everything else, and barely had time to do anything more impressive.
It's not a bad solitaire game, though it is a little easy once you get the knack of it.


Robbie Coltrane has passed away, this week, leading to all manner of teens learning that the man who played Hagrid was actually a well known actor before donning the great big beard.
He wrote a dictionary, once, too.


Email Fail?

I'm not 100% sure that the "SendInBlue" email solution is as good as I was hoping for.
Seems that it's glitching to all hell and back, with a whole bunch of emails this week ending up saying "Passed in request", instead of expected content. Not sure what that's about.
Ugh.. I swear, how hard is it to send an email in 2022!?!

SpikeDislike on the Site?

Would it be to "Me, me, me" to add SpikeDislike as a front-page daily game on the site?
Let us know what you think in the thread, because I'm not sure.


In the Rain...

... or in the snow

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Got the, Got the

Single Synth

Step on the Gas


Skip this



Be honest..
You want to hit him as much as I do..


Donnie Darko

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Disney Netbooks

Awesome pocket PCs!

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More fun with MJD

In Conversation

Lee Mack

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60s Cover Corner

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Not A Cover

I don't know why Madness uploaded this yesterday, but I like that they did.

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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Extra VGCover

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