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Created : 17 November 2022

#591 - Little News

Weekly Newsletter

Little News

#591 - Thursday 17th November, 2022

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Every Thursday, Fraggle Rock Xmas Special is on Apple TV tomorrow.


Hello World

Barely slept all week.
Gosh, it's getting cold at night.
In an ideal world, the heating would be on all night and comfort would be easy. As it is, though, it's just bloomin' cold, because fuck those prices.
My Oct-Nov bill is 150% what it was in Sept-Oct, and that's kinda scary because we've been doing everything we can to keep that bill down as much as possible.
An hour or so of heating a day, and it's still sky-rocketing.

It occurs to me that there's a second "summer" quilt in the drawer under my bed.
Dare I wrap myself under two quilts, just to stay warm at night?
I might have to.

Stay warm, everybody.
The big freeze is coming to kill us all, and the energy prices aren't helping.
*warm ascii hugs*


Laying the Voxels

Pakz has been following a Voxel tutorial using (assuming he's still using it?) three.js, and I have to say, the results are REALLY impressive.
Flying around a cube-filled wonderland, entirely coded (I believe) using just an iPad.
It's amazing what you can do, nowadays!

Spinning a Cube

Meanwhile, DNA's struggling with the maths to get a single spinning cube on the screen. Using barebones maths and a basic copy of Blitz, DNA has to switch to using Float numbers before his quick test runs properly.
It does, though, and the cube spins quite well by the end of the thread.
.. Also, the code not only works in B3d, but also works perfectly fine in GotoJSE, too, (after a couple of tweaks by Jay) which is nice


Alf T-Shirt

Spinal designs a lovely "Alf/Elf" image that he's hoping to get printed onto a T-Shirt by Xmas.
Jay mistakenly assumes he's printing cards, but he's not. He's doing a T-Shirt, Jay. You and you're silly jumping to conclusions.

SoMore Coding

MicroStudio Online!

Seems you can now make online-multiplayer games using the wonderful MicroStudio.
I tried understanding it, but it baffled me!
Let us know if you manage to do anything with it.

Another New Bloody Game Site

Oh no! Spinal gave Jay an idea, and now he's knee deep in more coding, just as he's trying to get the Advent SpikeDislike special done!


Mind Poke

The thread of creativity continues with a burger recipe and an unexpected picture of Gilbert!
Rychan's started work on a game, too.
The creativity is strong in this month's Mind Poke!

Daily Dislike

The Daily Dislike has been going, now, for almost a whole month. There's one thing becoming quite apparent. We're all shit at the game, when compared to RSKGames, who's scoring upwards of 10 to 100 times the average of most of us.

Even I'm struggling to keep up with his intensely insane high scores, and goodness knows I've put in hundreds of hours playing the thing lately.
A couple of days ago, one of RSKGames' scores hit 7 digits, and iOS is convinced it's a phone number!!

If you think you can beat RSKGames, please come along and dislike some spikes, so the highscore table doesn't look as horrifically one-sided!
And don't give up if you can't score too much.
Every day's a different dislike, and just the right set of physics can make or break your playing style.


A lot of music this week.. guess that's all YouTube's good for, any more.

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Musical Interlude


Musical Interlude


Friday Musical Interlude





£560 Lego?!

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Science Pursuits


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In Conversation

Harry Enfield

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80s Cover Corner

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JPop Cover Corner

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Stop That Cover

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MovieCover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGCover Corner

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