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Created : 30 November 2022

#593 - Let the Advent Commence

Weekly Newsletter

Let the Advent Commence

#593 - Thursday 01st December, 2022

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Every Thursday... Every damn Thursday..


Hello Advent!

Arrgh! It's bloody December already!
How the hell did that happen!?!
Good grief.

Merry Advent, for all who do that.
If not, you're probably not going to be all that interested in the majority of the site's content for the next few weeks!
It's going to be Crazy!!!

I do hope you get to have a nice rest period over the holidays.
Friends, family, and all of that festive bullshit.

Happy Holidays, all!
and Cake.

Lots of cake.

And After Eight mints.

Nom nom nom


Mind Poke - November 2022

Only Rychan really managed to get anything done, this month, but his attempt at a NES game in the space of a month was in fact rather fruitful.
A fun looking little game.

Mind Poke will be skipped, because it's more or less the same as the Advent of Creativity thread.. Speaking of which..


It's that time of year when we start to produce insane levels of content, and post endless posts about doors and tat and other stuff.
This year there are THREE Advent threads to keep up with. Oh, boy!!


The first is the Advent of Creativity, our regularly scheduled thread where people can post anything they've done creatively for that day.
There's never really a theme to this thread, and it usually just ends up being a place where Jay keeps bombarding the thread with things he's previously made for the Advent Calendar, as well as odd little things he's coding during the festive period.
I traditionally look forward to seeing Shroom_Monk's contributions to this thread, too, as he usually likes to join in.
If you can think of any creative outlet you can join in with, please do head into the Creativity thread and let us see what you've made!



New to the site, this year, is the Advent of Photography. Specifically photos, here, with each day being assigned a word, and you having to supply a photograph that in some way is connected to the word.
The word list has been pre-posted, so you can stockpile any photos, but the fresher the better!
No digging out family photos from 1986, or posting DallE creations.
Photos ONLY



And finally, the traditional Badvent calendar.
Show us your best/worst tat from your god-awful calendars!


(And with apologies that all three of these threads went up on Tuesday night, just so I could link to them in this newsletter, which I was writing in advance!!)

Unrelated Random Link

I've been going through the old episodes of Quantum Leap podcast, this week, and it's been fun revisiting things like their Mirror Image revisit, and stuff like that.
Crackin' Podcast Content!


Musical Interlude

View on YouTube


Time to upgrade




There is no Bond

View on YouTube


The Beginnings of Rockstar

Back when they weren't yet Rockstar, and were just doing a crazy game about cars.

View on YouTube

The Beginnings of Techmoan

A fascinating look at a camcorder!

Scammer Pursuits

View on YouTube

60s Cover Corner

View on YouTube

90s Cover Corner

View on YouTube

2000s Cover Corner

View on YouTube


View on YouTube

VGCover Corner

View on YouTube



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Wednesday, 30 November 2022, 16:38
French version is infinitely better... https://youtu.be/GCW0KFA-yAM