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Created : 25 January 2023
Edited : 01 February 2023

#597 - Molecular News

Weekly Newsletter

Molecular News

#597 - Thursday 26th January, 2023

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Every Thursday, hitting a fictional Save button that apparently doesn't actually save anything.


Hello World

The other day I got ChatGPT to come up with a hundred or so retro-coding poll questions. Things about advanced coding techniques, methods of creating graphical effects, ways to achieve more than was seemingly possible on the hardware, and things like that.
I felt it'd be a fantastic learning opportunity, and an amazing way to get people chatting and discussing various forms of retro coding.
I figured it'd be right up our alley, and we'd be sorted!!

"I don't know what that is."
"How we can vote?! Omg?!"
"Wah, wah, what?!?!"

Rychan gave an honest opinion, but then everyone else seemed to whinge about not knowing what the two given A.I. methods were.
The complaints flowed thick and fast, and the opportunity of learning and chatting was completely wasted.

The polls are back to being TV shows and videogames, now.

At least nobody will complain about.... oh, ffs...



Spinal's Noggin

Spinal continues to work on his SmileBASIC project, with swooping cards flying hither and thither.
The game is currently at the "Playable, Now What?>" stage, where he's adding the finishing touches to the project.


January Closing

Have you been inspired by this month's set of Mind Poke words?
It's been a bit quiet, this month, mostly because Rychan's still playing with November's Poke
Jay also gave up, since his game took one of those crazy detours, and no longer resembled the given word list.
There's only a week left, for this month, so be sure to show us what you've come up with, if anything at all.
Also, feel free to pop in a word for the next month's Poke.


Nom/Vom Carries On

Rockford's taste sensation continues. What will he be munching, this week!?
Only one way to find out.


Manic Destruction

What if you added Physics to Manic Miner..?

Diffusing Sprites

Pakz brings word that Aesprite has been given an A.I. Boost, by means of a Windows-Only plugin that can use Stable Diffusion to create little pixelised versions of your art/photos.
Sounds cool!


Mindful Harmony

A wheel of harmony that can help you find the right sort of chord progressions that sound decent together.
I've not quite got the hang of this tool yet, but it seems like it'd be great once I do.
Give it a whirl. It's free!



Jay's been writing tons of oddities in JSE, but some of them haven't really gone anywhere, and have been left abandoned and otherwise useless.
He's posted a bunch of little scripts to the forum, so you can.. ..

Another Bloody Game

Jay's written two games, this week, because god forbid he actually does something useful and worthwhile.
Gawd, Jay, do something important or something..


Twitter Down!!

The Fail Whale can't even be arsed showing up, anymore, as Elon's rampage of destruction continues unabated.
Over the past week or two, he's managed to cut off pretty much all of the Third Party apps which originally helped create Twitter in the first place.
The ship-jumping continues, and even Tweetbot's creator has now released a Mastodon App.
It's really not looking good for the little blue bird.


SyntaxBomb Hack

SyntaxBomb was unceremoniously hacked the other day, leaving nothing more than a "Girls Girls Girls" style spammy site in its wake.
Thankfully, Qube was right on it, and managed to get the site restored in next to no time, but it just goes to show that, no matter how much you might try to protect against such things, those hackers/bots are always lurking, trying their best to prod holes wherever they can.
Stay safe, servers!

Podcast Section


Denise Crosby, Tasha Yar, pays a visit to the ShuttlePod Show, a podcast hosted by Reed and Tucker from Enterprise.
Talking the history and possible future of her career, a tragic car accident, ducks in a pool, along with the obvious random Trek bits and pieces.

Quantum Leap!!

Spoiler warning if you haven't been watching the new Quantum Leap series.
Chris, Allison and Matt interview co-showrunner Dean Georgaris, who tries his best not to spoil things, since he's already working on Season Two!
He does accidentally let slip the location of a future leap, but otherwise it's more or less Spoiler Free.

Time Travel

No Sam or Ben here. This isn't silly fictional time travel.
Simon uncovers a real-world tale of time travelling scientists.

So Much Crap!

In this week's Crap From the Past, Ron goes through an article charting the top 150 "Lost Songs" of all time, and plays a great selection of epic tunes.

Rachel Fairborn

Stand up comic Rachel discusses Education, Schools, Parents, and whether she takes her Willy to bed with her.

Bonus Round


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