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Created : 01 February 2023
Edited : 01 February 2023

#598 - So You're a Waffle Man?

Weekly Newsletter

So You're a Waffle Man?

#598 - Thursday 02nd February, 2023

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Every Thursday, Same shit..


Hello World

Just had my first game of Audiosurf in years. Man, I love that game, but not having a decent PC to run it on is somewhat of a bugbear.
Which leaves me staring at that little HP Pavilion Slimline PC lying in the corner of the room.
The last desktop I bought, which I believe is still running Windows 7, maybe..?

I might see if I can get that up and running.
Is it really worth all the farting about just for Audiosurf, though?
Actually, I only booted up Steam to see if I'd be able to access TRG's Jigsaw game once that comes out.
Not sure the Win7 PC could run anything vaguely modern.

I wonder if I can still get the Free Win10 upgrade for it?
Probably the biggest issue is ... Will the HDMI cable reach the monitor, from its position at the side of the desk..?


No, the cable doesn't reach.
I'll have to improvise..


Exploding Numbers

Pio's made a lovely new puzzle game with numbered balls.
Odd numbered balls can't be moved, prodded or exploded.
Even numbered balls can either be pushed from the side, leading to the ball being "Split" in half and that value being places in the next cell along.
Any multiple of 4 can be "Burst" which leads to the value being split into four, and spread into a cross around the cell.
Burst and Split values get added to the cells/balls they end up in.
On the top left, you have a target value. Get that value in any of the cells, and you beat the level.
How far can you get?
It's quite a fun little puzzle game, and can be tricky, too!



It's the start of another month of Mind Poke.
Will the list of words spawn a bit of creativity?
Head on into the thread, and take a peek at this month's words.
Caffeine, Fruit and Trees!!
What could possibly go wrong?


Basic-10-Liner Compo

Over at Homeputerium, they've started their 12th annual 10-Liner compo!
Grab any retro system you can get your hands on, and cram as much gameplay into 10 lines as you can.
The PUR-80 rules state that you're only allowed 10 lines, with a max of 80 characters per line. (It should therefore fit entirely on a LISTed screen)
There are other "Not as strict" rulesets that you can play with, but.. Come on, that's kinda the point of a 10-Liner, right!?!
You have until March 25th to get your tiny games coded.


What We Done

The monthly thread where you compile all the things you've managed to do over the past few weeks.
Jay and Rychan have chipped in, so far.
Be sure to let us know what things you've been up to, and how amazing/disappointing it all was.



Wowie Wowie, all your favourite Calculators brought to life via Emulation!!!
.. well, mine's not there, but.. ok, whatever.


WTF is an Eaglephant?

An Eaglephant is what you get when you can't decide if you're going to make a game about an Eagle or an Elephant, and instead smush the two together to create a weird hybrid creature that flies and squirts water.


ChatGPT Gets Asked

Can ChatGPT translate a fictional language?
Jay finds out, whilst Brice tries to figure out what the ominous smell is.


Formatting Tweaks

A few bits of the formatting of the site have been slightly broken over the past year or so, and after a gentle prod from Pakz, I decided to fix them up a bit, this week.
Pakz let me know about the issue via Twitter, but I never got the notification because Twitter's more broken than SoCoder, lately.
I then spent a bit of time fixing the colouring of hyperlinks, to make them a little more consistent throughout the site. I hope they are! Let me know if you spot any quirks around the place.

Podcast Section

RIP - Bob McGrath

Sadly passed away just a short while ago, the ToughPigs recently just recorded a chat with veteran Sesame Street star Bob McGrath, who was part of the show since way way back in episode one!

RIP : David Crosby

A Coverville Tribute to David Crosby, of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, who also passed away recently.

Camikazi Kid

The Quantum Leap Podcast revisits one of the classics from the Original series, and has an important chat about how odd it is to have old men kissing 13 year old girls.

Diaper Monkey

The Retrospectors look back at the time that Monkeys went into space.
Oh boy!

Mark Simmons

Comedian Mark Simmons is this week's guest on the My Time Capsule podcast, where he charts his path into the world of comedy, and throws in some memories along the way.

Bonus Tube


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