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Created : 20 April 2023

#609 - It'll be Fine

Weekly Newsletter

It'll be Fine

#609 - Thursday 20th April, 2023

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Every Thursday, Leaving the windows open for a bit of fresh air, and being attacked by swarms of bees and wasps and hornets and flying ants and hundreds and millions of spiders.


Hello World

Had my disability interview over the phone yesterday. Boy that was fun.
Answering questions about what I can and can't manage to do, how I'm practically part of the furniture for all the amount I move, and how I'm incapable of doing a ludicrous number of things.
I'm nervous enough talking on a phone without having all the energy that I have, drained, from talking about depressing disability stuff.
Cheery fun times for all involved :/
Doesn't help that my mobile phone's signal seems incredibly shit inside the house.
Not sure why that is. The mast is literally visible out the kitchen window!
It's at the opposite corner of the cricket ground from us, close enough that I can manage to walk to it and back without too much of an issue. It's that bloomin' close, and yet..
Where's my signal!?!

I'm guessing it's all the wifi we have in and around the house that's doing it. If I sit out in the back garden, the signal cleans up dramatically, so.. yeah, that's probably the cause.
So I sat out in the back garden, yapping away loudly on my phone about all my horrors.
At one point I had to stop, as the lady on the other end was frantically typing away...
"Sorry, I'm waffling too much again, aren't I?" I asked.. She laughed, typed a bit more, and then finally reached the end of what I presume was my waffling description of my horrific 2020 drama.

... Either that or she was frantically typing "Dear god, he won't shut the fuck up, help me, help me, help me!!" and emailing it to all in the office!

Now the long wait for a result.. And then probably another pissing tribunal.



Spinal settles on a name for his Max Headroom styled chatting entity.
He's since been playing with the general methodology of generation, and trying to decide on the best way to record it alongside game footage.
It's definitely a great thing to see working!
Bravo, Spinal!

JNKPlat '23

The 25th anniversary of JNKPlat came about much sooner than I imagined, so I hurriedly scrambled together a version that I've subtitled JNKPlat 18+5, based on the fact that a surprisingly large amount of the movement/interaction code is copy+pasted directly from the C++ edition I did back in 2018.
I had to go through and swap out function declarations and things like that, but my standardised coding methodology meant that an incredible amount of the main game's functionality was a much easier proposition.
Lovely stuff!
The new version runs in the browser like all my other modern dev.
Next I need to start looking into the possibility of a level editor, and figuring out how to handle possible logins and things for the inevitable uploads.
.. Nnngh..



Defold is an opensource LUA based language that allows you export to HTML, as well as target iOS and Android, and also Windows, Linux, Mac and even Switch, with even more targets promised later.
Sounds too good to be true!
I might even have to give it a whirl, myself.



Hippoplayer was one of the popular multi-format music players on the Amiga.
It's been recreated in Javascript, along with a lovely Workbench-alike environment, and tons of mods/etc to play in it.
It's a great little recreation.


Afr0's Chat

Afr0 gives the ChatGPT a go, and is amazed by some of its output, as the rest of us have been.
The future is coming far faster than we're ready for it.
Will you be prepared when the AI's take over?


More Photos!

As April continues, so do the daily photographs.
Thanks to everyone who's joined in so far.
Would love to see more, though!
Get snapping, coders!


Sega Buys Rovio

In a move that surprised everyone, Sega randomly decided to lap up the creators of Angry Birds, for about £650m.
This is more than likely something to do with Rovio's experience in the realm of Mobile gaming, than it is Sega wanting to lap up the IP.
I mean, they MIGHT just want it, but if they really wanted to make a game about cute birds, they have all the Flickies to play with, so it definitely can't be that!!!



This week's ALChoon came together remarkably quickly, so much so that, with a plan of a static room and a pin


Dead Thread?

The QOTD thread seems to have died on its arse, this week.
Maybe we've all had enough of chit-chatting.
.. Or maybe it still has a bad taste after the whole "You" debacle last month.


Lengthy Waffles for Cash

Twitter now allows paying users to post up to 10k in a single tweet, and also can let users block that content, so that other people can pay to read them.
It's all about the money money money, now.
Twitter's dead to me.

Podcast Section

Charles Cecil (Broken Sword)

Charles picks his top 5 games for his own console.
Really gotten quite a lot into this podcast, btw!!

Bonus Tube





Bing's Poetry of the Week

I love to go to Bolton Market
And buy some fish and chips with peas
The crispy batter and the vinegar
The mushy texture as you please

I take my paper-wrapped delight
And walk around the town centre
I see the shops that once were bright
Now boarded up and in a splinter

I feel a pang of sadness then
For what this place used to be
A bustling hub of trade
Now a ghost of history

But then I take another bite
And savour every morsel
I know that things will be alright
As long as I have fish and chips with peas

{ -------------------
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