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Beer 52

3rd September 2021

Got this in the post today, looking like an official looking piece of mail, but the back of the envelope told the true tale.
Booo.. Physical Spam.
But the offer seems fair enough. (Plus, they sponsored RHLSTP for a while!)
Pay for the shipping, get fr*snip*


BackBlaze Backups

1st October 2018

Whilst listening to this week's Today I Found Out podcast, the two hosts chatted about BackBlaze for quite a while. Their description seemed pretty much ideal for the likes of us!
For just $5 a month, you get seemingly unlimited backup space*snip*


Handy Dev-Tool Guide

8th June 2017

I'll try my best to keep this list up to date. If you have any tips, stick 'em in the comments!
Alt Forum
[big]SyntaxBomb[/big] - (Linkage)
If this forum is down, you probably can't read this, but if you can manage to read t*snip*


Chrome VR Experiments

30th May 2017

Much like their Chrome Experiments site, Google have launched a similar VR site.
All experiments should (*) work on mobile devices, but I've had plenty of issues trying to get them to run on my iPhone, so I'm guessing it's 'Chrome or fuck-off!*snip*


Face Theft

20th September 2011

Creepy as hell, and techy as well!
The fact that this is running in realtime could mean some seriously fucked up stuff in the near future....



10th September 2011

There's an idea.
Take the two companies who have lost, pretty much, their entire businesses, and then string them up together in a frantic attempt to keep them from dying on their arses, completely.
What could POSSIBLY go wrong!?


Argh! Robot!!!

4th March 2011


Ramsey The Musical

10th January 2011

The link above will expire in about 4 hours! Geeze, I probably should've spotted this one earlier!
You can probably hunt the thing down if you google it.. maybe.. *shrugs*
No matter, here's the opening song from the BBC's 15-minute-musical! (From 2008*snip*


Oh Dear, Digg Doings...

27th October 2010

It was only a test!! says Digg, as their caught spamming their own site to death.
Sod that, then..
Time to find another, better, truer link archiver.


Sonic Fan Remix

21st October 2010

It's been a while since I posted a game into the link archive.
Normally it'd be popped into the shoutbox, or kept for the Newsletter, but this is one of those rare times where it's DEFINITELY worth a proper thread, link, and otherwise.
If you recently pa*snip*


AutoCAD : It's not yours..

14th September 2010

You only pay for a license to use it, not a license to sell it, so say the makers of AutoCAD and their In-Court buddies.
Remember folks, if you bought it on eBay, it's probably not yours.


Handy Fonts

13th September 2010

I'm currently hunting around for some useful fonts, for artsy reasons, and found these..
Not sure yet!
Maze Fonts
Artsy Fonts
More Circular
Basic Shapes
(great for player's counters!)


Dev vs PayPal

10th September 2010

Guy makes game.
Guy sells game through PayPal.
Things go horribly horribly horribly awry...


Art of Illusion

5th September 2010

A simple 3D model/render program


HTML5 Game Contest

1st September 2010

Monthly contest.
Make a game in HTML, enter compo, win shit.
Them's pretty much the rules!
You might want to look into the ownership stuff, though, not had time to read all the T&Cs


Tunak Tunak Tun

27th August 2010

And if that wasn't silly enough...
*sigh* 5 hours earlier, and I could've put these in the newsletter *sigh*



24th August 2010

GLBasic is now free!
You can use it to compile for Win/Mac/Lin, and can do some lovely 2D gamey making with it.
Great stuff!
If you use any ''Premium'' commands, then your compiled program becomes as it would in a demo. It stops after 5 minutes*snip*


DeviantART's Muro

10th August 2010

DeviantART have just released a free online HTML5 Art doodler package, which you can also login+buy additional features for.
Not really something I'd be good with, (doesn't really do pixels!) but I can imagine Cower, or even DD coming up with something fa*snip*


New Youtube Codes..

25th July 2010

How do you work embed codes, if some people want the Flash version, and others want the HTML5 one, but you need to supply the same thing to everyone?
Youtube guys must've really struggled with this one for quite a while.
If all else fails, go bac*snip*


Google Webfonts

7th July 2010

I think they released this a few weeks back, when they did their crazy-assed ''Loads of new stuff all at once!!'' thing.
WebFont API is REALLY easy to use.
Include a stylesheet link, and then your own styles.
Super font stuff*snip*


I'm not a Bieber fan..

5th July 2010

If it wasn't for Twitter, I wouldn't even know who the guy was.
But, FFS, there's such a thing as taking things too fucking far.
The guy doesn't deserve all this.
Some people can be total dicks, sometimes.


Retro VSTs

4th July 2010

For Fruityloops, Audacity and whatever else!



21st June 2010

A bunch of crazy Scotsmen have decided to make an entire hospital, staffed by killer robots!!!!
..or something


BTTF : The Videogame(s)!

10th June 2010

Telltale (Strongbad, Wallace & Gromit, Sam & Max, Monkey Island, Craploads more) are doing Back To The Future Episodic!
Meanwhile, Lucasarts are sitting there, going ''Wtf!?!?''


CSS Button Tool

4th June 2010

Makes buttons in CSS!

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