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The end of ipv4 is near

19th October 2010

It seems the amount of remaining addresses is getting a little low!


HTML 5 browser speedtest

25th June 2010

In this video you can see how IE, Chrome, Firefox and Opera perform on hardware acceleration in HTML 5.


Storage for developers

20th May 2010

Google is going to offer storage to developers for the use of cloud services. You can signup for the (waiting list) for the preview on their site!
Edit: it seems to be for US only


Will it be the gPad?

12th May 2010

Google is developing a rival for the iPad


Bug free kernel

27th September 2009

Australian researchers claim to have built a completely bug free kernel.


Tetris good for brain

3rd September 2009

It seems tetris is good for the brain! Some are complaining about _who_ funded the research (the tetris makers themself). It wouldn't surprise me to be true


AMD showing directx 11 demos

18th August 2009

Neil Robison from AMD showing new functionality of DirectX 11 including tessellation and HDAO.


EU Invests 18 mil. on mobile 1gbps internet

18th August 2009

When will the speeding up stop? ;)


Bittorrent used to stream movie to theater

12th July 2009

The Northern Research Institute seems to have managed to stream a movie to a movie theater over bittorrent. Like the article says it allows independent filmmakers to compete with the big companies.
But next to that I think it's a great way for (smaller) m*snip*


Eurovision live stream

14th May 2009

Incase anyone's interested, this is the live stream of the eurovision songcontest.
I'm gonna watch and see holland SHIIINEEE ;-)
(it starts at 21:00 Amsterdam/Paris time, GMT+1)


3D Realms closed

7th May 2009

The game studio of the famous Duke Nukem games has closed down after delaying the release of ''Duke Nukem Forever'' for 12 years, due to the lack of funding.
The game publisher, Take-Two Interactive states they still have the publishing rights but*snip*


Great Self Defense

20th August 2008

I don't know how many times I've seen this video but I keep laughing my ass off, have a look :-)

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