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WIP: Hero Extant

20th May 2010

So here's what I've spent the last few days on...
Generates a random fractal landscape, simulates temperature bands, wind & rain, then rain water flow leading to lakes and rivers, then decides what terrain type the resultant til*snip*



10th January 2009

Off topic post ahead!


WIP Platformer

21st December 2008

Replaying Commander Keen again, I decided I just had to start working on a platformer game myself.
Course, I've made several attempts before, but I can never be bothered to draw & animate the player and all the bad guys!
So I decided to get the compu*snip*


Fun w/Google Maps

10th July 2008

Grabbed two screenshots off Google maps, stitched them together in Gimp, went to Filters > Map > Make Seamless, and this is the result:
(dead link)
A nice tileable landscape, perfect for a shmup!
It even blurs out the copyright watermarks...


The GUI... attempt n+1

29th May 2008

I never got too far with my last attempt(s!). All that scripting and window-managing and junk got too bloated and complicated - and I didn't have anything usable other than buttons and tickboxes!
So I started again.
Nine days later, I really am almo*snip*



23rd March 2008

I managed to fix my old external/USB floppy drive, so first thing I did was grab all four floppy disks that the first Civilization game came on.
Any later version (Civ II to Civ IV, that yuechy 3D one) comes nowhere close to how amazing this original one *snip*


The GUI coming to a desktop near you!

5th March 2008

I've started work on a proper GUI for Cobra now. I did have a working thing that was one-window only, but the code was a mess! So I'm rewriting it to be a lot clearer, more manageable, themeable, and completely scriptable, using my recent Basilisk library.*snip*


Windows XP inside Ubuntu!

7th January 2008

I downloaded Virtual Box for my version of Ubuntu, popped in a Windows XP OEM/crapware CD for my old laptop expecting it not to work...
Wow! Half hour later,


Learning to draw

5th January 2008

With the exhange rate how it is, $ to £ meant I could buy Milkshape for £12.88
I've learnt how to model, texture and animate now - he does a nice attack animation.
He's not very pretty though. The texture needs some love.*snip*



18th December 2007

I've got this old box which had 64MB of RAM and happily ran Damn Small Linux. The other day I chucked in another 64MB that I rescued from an even older box, so it ain't bad.
It's quite a powerful server now, even if it's only a Pentium II (or III?) in the*snip*


Getting used to Firefox 3

9th December 2007

Ubuntu notified me that I had 49 updates yesterday, for various libraries and software packages. I didn't notice that Swiftfox (an optimized version of Firefox, for Linux, that is incredibly fast) had an upgrade from v2 to v3 beta in there (firefox 3 just *snip*


OMG Broadband!

31st August 2007

Speed by Country
I thought mine was fast - I haven't seen nothing yet, apparently! :o


Backing Up :-)

26th July 2007

My hard drive made a weird clicking sound, so just in case I did a full backup of Ubuntu.
Course, it's Linux, so I just enter one line at the terminal and sit back! :-)
Every file zipped along into a compressed .tgz file on my external hard drive, mainta*snip*


Firefox trim_on_minimize edit

18th June 2007

I came across this tip - if you go to about:config (type in in your URL bar) in Firefox, and add a Boolean key called ''config.trim_on_minimize'' as TRUE, Firefox will use a behaviour where when you minimize it, all the information it has held in R*snip*


Genuine Windows Vista, er... advantages

1st May 2007

This looks a bit extreme ->
When windows "detects a non-genuine version of Windows Vista installed on a PC, the Software Protection Platform will disable key features of Windows Vista, including the desktop, Start menu, and task bar"
I mean, my Win*snip*


Direct X 10 Hacked?

23rd April 2007

Claims that Direct X 10 has been reversed engineered, so DX 10 games will work fine on DX9 based hardware on Windows XP, and even other Operating Systems.


Microsoft backtrack on XP death

22nd April 2007

Instead of MicroSoft killing XP to force people over to Vista, Dell announced that it would be offering XP again on home PCs.
Sounds like good news.
Read about it in this rather satirical article ''Microsoft admits Vista failure''.
I'm hopin*snip*


WebSense + FTP

20th April 2007

I found out that WebSense, that Fascist censorship tool, ignores FTP, and only filters HTTP traffic...
So, with command prompt at the ready, it's a matter of seconds downloading Firefox 2, WinRAR, HexEditors and Resource Editors onto restri*snip*


New news: Thunderbird 2 out

19th April 2007

Thunderbird 2 is out, for those who haven't heard.
What's new?
Cheers, everyone.


I hate you, Microsoft.

4th April 2007

On the Windows laptop, because my Linux box is so old that it's falling apart and won't boot until I fix it.
New security update:
"Windows... blah blah... a remote user could gain control of your Operating system... blah... blah..."
So, I down*snip*


This helmet plays mind games

9th March 2007

Cool :-)


Cool new material

3rd March 2007

Wowie :-)


Moving hosts...

25th February 2007

DNS worries.


Links of the Day #05

23rd February 2007

What else would I do at 4:30am?


Gah, spreadsheets

14th February 2007

Is it me, or are spreadsheets murder to get to print properly? They always look fine on the print-previews, but never print out on one page like the preview promises.
Do you reckon it'd be my printer choking on margin set-ups, or are spreadsheets designed*snip*

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