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Created : 09 January 2009

Defacto2 Intro

Liquorice intro!

Defacto 2 Intro
This intro was made to promote the excellent website www.defacto2.net

It's written in Freebasic, Assembly language and Opengl.

Code: Shockwave
Music: Michu
Gfx: Illusionmaker


(Currently the second most popular intro on any platform in Pouets all time top 10).

Latest Update

There is a known delta timing bug that causes the scroll to run too slowly on some systems. I never bothered to fix it



Friday, 09 January 2009, 10:48
Runs super slow FPS!
I'm going to blame Vista again, because... Really. . It oughta be coping with that!!
Friday, 09 January 2009, 10:57
FPS is fine on XP.

Though I find those particular licorice candies totally disgusting, and even though I have no idea what said licorice candies have to do with such a website, this is a good effort - not as flashy as Dutch Colourz, but still a very good gfx demo.
Friday, 09 January 2009, 19:24
Ran fine on my eee 900. Jay, it will be a Vista problem. It's OpenGL rendering has always been slow and buggy.

I found it quite upsetting to watch, everything moving and waving about made me feel sick. I also found the colours and the logo quite ugly. Coupled with the music it reminded me alot of those screens that groups add on to a game when they decompile and hack it in order to remove the protection and add cheats.

Finally, that is not what I would consider an intro!

|edit| Perhaps I was too harsh. It does look slick and well made, I just don't think it's very pretty and everything seems to wobble for the sake of wobbling. |edit|
Saturday, 10 January 2009, 00:36
But that's exactly what an intro is!
It's an "intro" to a game that's been cracked, and released by a group.

And, yeah, this works much better away from Vista.
Saturday, 10 January 2009, 03:16
Sorry about the slow FPS Jay, it's a delta timing bug. It only happens on some systems.

The other thing is that my opengl framework is super-hacked and I know that Vista hates it, I need to change a few things with it.

JL235, sorry that you found it upsetting to watch. The intro was designed by Illusionmaker/Electric Druggies. He wanted to have vibrant, garish squidgy and loud colours.
It looks like a cracktro because Defacto2 is a website that collects old crack intros (not games) and disk magazines, it's a great site and I was quite honoured to be able to support it.

As for crack intros, I am retired now but I have written over 20 of them for several very high profile groups. There's no call for them really these days. The last one I made was for Skid Row (under a different nick):


Though I should say that this intro uses the same framework as the defacto2 intro so it will probably fail on most vista systems too.

Really I uploaded this to show how easy it is to use Opengl with Freebasic