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Created : 18 March 2013
Edited : 18 March 2013
System : Cross Platform


Stupidly Looping Loops!

Download JMTrackr

JMTrackr creates music in the same way that I do.
Basically, when I'm making music, I start off making a big loopy bit, then cut it up and shuffle the bits and pieces about until it sounds more song-like.

This program does exactly that.
This YouTube video may help you figure it out.. Maybe..

You start by filling up the channels with music, as you would in a standard Tracker program.
Hit space to hear the current pattern. Plus and Minus will flip through the 64 available patterns, but you only really need the one!

Once you're done making a nice loop, hit Ctrl+Space, and it'll switch to Random Generator mode, taking your channels, shuffling them around, playing them at different pitches, muting channels and. um.. yeah, that.
Once in Random mode you should find the tune it generates is nice and usable in a game.

BlitzMax Source
A BlitzMax "Demo.bmx" file is included to show you how to quickly integrate things into a BlitzMax game.
It "works", but it's not perfect yet. I rushed it, this morning!
If people want a better demo, let me know. Should do the job, and you oughta be able to use it in your game without much effort.

Monkey Source
A similar Demo.Monkey has also been included.
It should be easy enough to integrate it into your Monkey project. Lemmie know if you can't!

Note : This does NOT work in HTML5 mode.
Well, it does, but HTML5 doesn't do pitching, and has less channels, so it all borks pretty quickly.
You can try it, and you can kinda make out the tune, but without pitching it's not much use

Latest Update

Version "Stable Enough"

Contains just a few bog standard "effects" that aren't all that useful, but do at least keep things moving.
Suggestions for more are welcome.