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Created : 10 August 2007
System : Windows
Language : Blitz

Dungeon Maker

Classical dungeon crawler game in full 3D

Dungeon Maker is a roleplaying game creator and was inspired by all the old Dungeon Crawlers games like Bloodwych, Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder. The idea behind Dungeon Maker is to remake all these old games in a updated engine using all the latest features that PCs can do these days using 3D but to also keep the feeling of playing an old classic game. The beauty of Dungeon Maker is that it is going to be a game plus a game editor so will be fully editable so people can remake there own games.
Note: Dungeon Maker is still in an Alpha phase and is therefore not a release. People are free to play around with it, but it is far from stable nor finished.

Latest Update

Alpha 3
- Editor: Add color palette to 'text color', 'particle color' and 'light color'.
- Editor: New sound import (similar to the new texture import).
- Editor: Significantly improved monster/item icons in both speed and quality.
- Editor: Dropdowns added for objects on the map, several object edit parameters. More will be added.
- Editor: Show items/monsters in right menu.
- Editor: Make macros editable, just like on squares.
- Editor: Doors are simplified. All doors are obstacles. All flat doors are flat walls.
- Editor: New mesh import (similar to the new texture import).
- Editor: Removed many buttons and added 5 general buttons with menu dropdown: File, Edit, View, Extra, Help.
- Editor: Make macro list load/save options. Also, macros are now displayed in the buttons in a miniature 3D preview.
- Editor: Make macros dynamically.
- Editor: Undo.
- Editor: Add dropdowns for object list (right panel).
- Editor: 2D/3D preview at dropdowns.
- Editor: Copy/paste to object macros.
- Editor: Quickly preview your created dungeon in the game (F12).
- Editor: Preload texture folder to work with.
- Editor: Improved copy/paste functionality.
- Editor: New texture import.
- Editor: 3D preview.
- Editor: Object overview list.
- Editor: Enlarged editor window.
- Game: New action: gem slots.
- Game: Fix walking on stairs.
- Game: 2 new features: Instant opening/closing doors, and fading links.
- Game: Improved fonts. As smooth fonts are a bit buggy in-game, I decided to keep fonts as before.
- Game: Added new feature for links, that triggers when a certain item is used.
- Game: Updated to work with new texture import functionality.
- Game: Changed the way buttons work. The link should always be on the 'wall switch on'. The next object should be 'wall switch off', and only provides the texture to switch with the 'wall switch on' and should therefore contain no mesh, action or type and should be invisible.
- General: Writing editor/game documentation.
- General: File extensions are changed. Dungeon maps: .dmd. Savegames: .dms. Characters: .dmc. Macros: .dmm.
- General: Improved wall texts in both performance and looks.



Friday, 10 August 2007, 21:21
power mousey
This is good...very good!
I'm very impressed, Wishbone. True!

I like it!

and oh yes...welcome to Socoder.

power mousey
Saturday, 11 August 2007, 15:56
This looks very nice. I used to love dungeon master as a kid. I couldent play it though, wouldent draw any of the 3d stuff. I'm guessing it uses shaders. Anyway, I hope you get around to finishing this. 2004 was a long time ago now I'd really like to see it completed; when I have a new computer
Sunday, 12 August 2007, 07:33
Thanks for the compliments guys
Actually the 2004 is wrong. This game was on a hold since 2004 and I start working on this for a few months now.
It doesnt use shaders at all. Nor any kind of bump mapping. The monsters on the picture are flat sprites, to hold the traditional kind of monster drawings (=5 drawings for each monster: front, left, right, back, attack).
Sunday, 12 August 2007, 08:10
power mousey

you have a good Eye of the Beholder.

good luck and hope you finish your project.

and Merry Might and Magic
power mousey