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Created : 27 November 2023
Edited : 27 November 2023
System : Windows
Language : Blitz Max

Demon Attack X

Download Demon Attack X
Demon Attack X is a remake of the TRS-80, Tandy Color Computer game that was published by IMAGIC in 1982. There were numerous ports based off the original Atari release, but I always found this version to be the best due to the unique graphics and the amazing boss battle - nothing else came close.

I set out to recreate it as closely as possible, while also adding a few new features that don't stray too far from the retro aesthetic. The two player mode is now simultaneous with both players sharing lives and score. I have also added an EGA mode that greatly expands the game's four color palette, now offering 96 randomized possible color combinations that change as the game goes on. Online high scores were added, as well as an optional tracker based musical score. I hope you'll find the game as mesmerizing as I did over 30 years ago!

Latest Update

v1.0 - Initial release



Monday, 27 November 2023, 22:06
Looks AMAZING! Had the original for several platforms, including the CoCo2 (which got played the most).

I really need to get my Windows laptop squared away. Can't wait to play this!
Monday, 27 November 2023, 22:58
Good to see a fellow Coco 2 enthusiast that actually played this game, this and Downland were my two favorites growing up. Let me know what you think once you get Windows going
Monday, 27 November 2023, 23:09
I graduated HS at 16, and got a job. My first paycheck, I bought a CoCo2 and a TV. Fave games for the CoCo2: Demon Attack, Pinball, Audio Spectrum Analyzer (not a game, but cool and was used a lot), Skiing, Baseball
Tuesday, 28 November 2023, 01:15
Ohhh, will give this a go!
Tuesday, 28 November 2023, 01:42

Game reminds me of Space Hawks on the Amstrad CPC. Nice game!

Never heard it referred to as CoCo. We had a schoolfriend nicknamed "Taz", so any time the TRS was brought up, it was jokingly referred to as the "TAS computer".. Most of us (except those born pre-January) were born in 1980, so TAS-80 stuck around for quite some time!

Mac tests
UTM running Win11Arm, same as usual, didn't like it. Is it Win11Arm at fault or the UTM virtual machine? I think we really need to figure this one out. If Win11Arm is breaking everything, it's going to be an issue moving forward.

Crossover, though, ran flawlessly, no issues to speak of.
Tuesday, 28 November 2023, 04:13
TRS 80 = Trash 80
Color Computer 1/2/3 = CoCo

^ those were the common nicknames here *

MC10 didn't have a nickname, but it was basically an early CoCo budget model with a chicklet keyboard

As to UTM, it is choking on the DX or OpenGL evidently. Or Win11 ARM is. My test program ran excellent on it, but it was pure GDI.
Sunday, 03 December 2023, 18:49
Finally got a chance to try this. REALLY well done and I like that I can configure the keys to what works best for me. Lots of replay value for me on this one.