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Socoder -> Sony -> Vib Ribbon

Posted : Thursday, 22 January 2009, 17:29
Many years ago, way way back when the original Playstation was still roaming the world, I bought Parappa the Rapper, and I loved it more than any sane person should.

Then my Playstation broke..

At this point, I was aiming to pick up Parappa's sequel, which was called Um Jammer Lammy. But without a Playstation, how would I play it?
So, off I went on release day, and picked up the game, only to find it wouldn't bloody well play in an emulator.

And then there was Vib Ribbon.
Vib Ribbon was also a music game made by Nanaonsha, so it was a required purchase, too.
Especially with it's "Play your own music" mode!

That, too, didn't play in an emulator.

And, over the years I've headed back to various emulators, only for both games to fail miserably.

Still, BeatMania did work, and I even got it's little beat-pad thing hooked up with a PSX controller -> USB thing.
And fun!

But what of Um Jammer Lammy and Vib Ribbon?

Well, they sat in the little cupboard in my desk, waiting for just the right time.

That time was today.. Hotshot's little Resident Evil topic made me remember my old PSX games, and so I dug 'em out.
Um Jammer Lammy still wouldn't play.
It gave me a big red X on the screen, and wouldn't go any further.

But, wait..
What's this?

OMG!? WTF?!?!!
Vib Ribbon's playing!

I was amazed, and happy!
Having NEVER actually played the damn thing, I was actually going to play it!

And I did!
And it's SO much fun!!
And then, I ejected the CD, put in a Music CD, and actually played that in the game, too!!!


My £30 is no longer wasted, and I'm happy that the game plays.
And, might I add, this is a kick ass game, too!!



Serves me right for never having bought another Playstation, I suppose!

Oooh, a Vib Ribbon Poster!!

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Posted : Monday, 26 January 2009, 12:16
Finally got Um Jammer Lammy working, having tried about 50-or-so PSX Emulators!
Took a whole bunch of extra plugins (GFX!!) before the thing worked.

And, now..
Having FINALLY played Um Jammer Lammy, here's Jay's quicky-review.

"F'k me, this is hard!!!!"

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Posted : Monday, 26 January 2009, 13:04
vib ribbon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted : Monday, 26 January 2009, 17:16
Parappa the Rapper !, aint that the game that has that cartoon Karate Dojo, where all the students and the sensai have onions for heads ?
Posted : Monday, 26 January 2009, 17:44
Indeed it is..
I managed to get through Um Jammer's quest, and had a lot of fun doing it..
Most fun I've had from a game in ages!!

And only 10 years after I bought it, too!

I must say, though, Parappa's vocals on Um Jammer (Complete the game as Um Jammer, unlock the Parappa mode) are mind bogglingly compressed to buggery!

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