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Posted : Wednesday, 05 May 2010, 08:48
Hunting for a picture of Platdude Spheres, I came across a forum post from 12/12/2004
Apparently I saved this one, and I'm not sure if I ever got around to posting it.

So, in an odd twist of it's own logic, here's a forum post I once started, and probably never finished..

This is a small (but large) list of things I have on my Hard Drive that I gave up on because either..
a) They weren't exactly how they were supposed to be..
b) I got part the way through and got bored with it..
c) I came up with something else, and did that instead...
d) got stuck on something stupid, then moved onto something else
(mostly c!)
number in brackets = chance of finishing it off, out of 10

3D Starfighter - Remake (for the 2003 remake compo) of the Codemasters game.. Got told off by Codemasters, scrapped the game. (0)

JNK Chess - Multiplayer Online RTSChess in a large checkered arena. - Had no one to help test the online stuff, so it got left behind. (8)

Codemall - (Code 'em all) Pokemon style adventure, where you had to try and build up the best game in the world! Weird.. (6)

Pob - A ball in a maze. I realised it'd be nicer if the maze rotated around the ball, and it became part of the Space Monkey Collection (0)

Fruit 2K2 - Mostly Complete, but there's lots more I could've done.. Was eventually replaced by... (3)

Fruit 2K3 - With little Wario Ware style minigames.. I eventually ran out of ideas which weren't obvious Wario Ware rip offs (3)

JNK Car? - Never had a proper title.. Never seemed to steer properly either. (1)

16 Bit Collection - Green's 8 bit tiny games, but all suped up to 16 bit. I've released bits and bats, like Tiny Monkey ball became Space Monkeys in Balls, and Super Bouncer has a demo on BC, but it never got much further than that. (6)

Greenopolis - Like Monopoly but with loads of extras. I got destracted by Space Monkeys Collection.. (8)

Greenski - A Winter Games collection, starring Greenie.. (or, "How much fun would it be to see Greenie falling down a mountain!") It was a fun idea which required lots of Animation.. So it got left behind! (5)

JNKVille - Yep, I started a MMORPG myself one time.. The directory contains a single .bb file, and that contains the following...
"; I'll do this, one day.. ... I will!"
Guess not, eh! (0)

JuNKoDrive - No idea what I was thinking when I came up with that name, but it's a rapid speedy spritey racer thing, that plays like "Spacial Hyperdrive" on the Amiga.. Only.. Not as well! (2)

Kasino Green - Why the K? Why not! Slot machine, Video Poker, BlackJack.. Then I got "Monopoly Casino" which did the same and more, and gave up bothering.. (5)

NewMusic - The infamous "It makes the music up as it goes along" trial... Some sounded good.. Most sounded terrible.. All sounded like each other! (3)

oLEMpics - Olympics with Lemmings. I have 3 of these, one for each year. Each one has a lemming running along the screen.... And that's about it... No doubt I'll start again next year (10)

Pipeline - Why I bothered, I'll never know.. I've never been a fan of the "Water in a pipe!" game.. Good engine, mind.. Does all water splits, and stuff. It'd be fun if I finished it.. (3)

Quest - A HeroQuest But Bigger style game. It's on the BC Showcase if you want a nosey. I just got bored with it, eventually (5)

System Defender - Like Defender, but everything in the game was based on a directory on your hard drive. You had to defeat the virus, by moving through wormholes (left = towards root, right = further into dirs) and it'd load images and music, and use filenames and stuff, from that dir to generate the levels. Yet another of my "Seemed a good idea at the time" games.. Gets pretty dull pretty quick. (7)

Things - Worms clone which didn't get very far.. Mostly based on a silly parody of "Wormsong" that I made up one day.. (We are Things, you know, and we've come to shoot them things.. We'll blast them all to hell, 'cos those things are Things as well. But before we start, we will need something to throw... And that is why we brough some Things) Stupid, I know. But imagine you could insert any sprites for your team, and use any sprites for weapons.. Then give them all properties, from lists, and stuff. "Seemed a good idea at the time".. If anyone wants this idea, I'd love to play it!! (8)


And, the Platdude collection..

Platdude [ONE] - the levels are horizontally scrolling, and merge into one another, creating one gigantic level. (hence the One) I drew lots of sprites, and built a great engine for this one. Then couldn't be bothered making the levels.. (5)

Platdude Evolution - Platdude has a gun.. He shoots towards the mouse pointer.. Platdude looks silly with a gun! (1)

Platdude ISO 2 - This time in real Isometric, instead of the pseudo "Stretched 2D" that the JNKPlat3d Xmas thing was in. It had the same flaw, that objects in front of you got in your way. So it got thrown on the backburner as a possible "This years Xmas game".. It wasn't to be.. (0)

Platdude Xmas - Based on the Platdude Blitz engine, this had proper snow that landed and stayed, and stuff.. It was going to be based in Plat's house, as he sorts out Xmas... Then I couldn't be bothered making Xmassy levels (0)

Platfire - The Platdude Rocket sprite made it's first appearance here. But I'm no good at designing shoot-em-ups, so it rapidly dissapeared, never to be seen (0)

Platmuse - Until this game, where the rocket had to dodge big squares that appeared, as it horizontally scrolled along... The scenery was meant to be based on the current Music being played (hence the muse!) but I got bored as usual, and moved onto something else. (5)

Platdude 6 - the sixth Blitz-based engine I did had "Rotating Gravity" as it's gimmick. Unfortunately it completely messed up.. I got it almost working in Platdude Spheres Xmas, but the jumping's WAY off.. Need to work on that! (0)

There's other stuff..
Sound engines, Polygon engines, even more Platdude stuff, some of which LOOKS pretty kewl, but as usual, plays like a typical "Run to the Right" type platformer.. (I prefer Platdude to have more of a Puzzle nature)
But, I've wasted long enough typing all this!
Someone else have a go!!

''Load, Next List!''
Posted : Wednesday, 19 January 2011, 07:21
That is a massive list, but you probably have accomplished a lot of projects as well too.

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