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Socoder -> Mobile Gaming -> Jackbox Party Packs On My Own

Posted : Thursday, 13 April 2017, 16:41

So Jackbox Party Box 3 is out on Switch, and I LOVE YDKJ, so whipped it up.
(After checking my scarily diminishing bank balance!!)

I was more than a little disappointed that.
A. ALL of the games require you to join in using your phone/iPad. The game CANNOT be played natively on the Switch.
B. ALL of the games require at least 2 players, and 3 of the 5 games require at least 3 players.

..so, pretty much no Testing the games on your own, then.

Unless, like me, you have a fuckton of Android test devices lying around!!

The Switch connects to the Jackbox.tv website, and you're given a 4 letter code.
Open the site on your phone/tablet, and enter the code, to link your device to the game.
Doing it this way means that..
1. You can have a LOT of players!!
2. You're at the mercy of internet lag.
For the most part the games are Question based, and there aren't really any timers to deal with. Things flow smoothly "enough", considering the server is (more than likely) over the other side of an ocean!!
It works well. There's one specific point where it can be tetchy, but we'll get to that later.

So, here's my single-player, lonely fella, guide to trying to play Jackbox Party 3 on your own, with a fuckton of mobile devices sprawled out on the bed, in front of you.


Quiplash 2 (Players : 3+)
A humorous caption game.
The game gives a "thing" such as "a funny name for a biscuit" or "a terrible tv show" and players have to type in the funniest thing they can thing of.
You then vote on which is the best, and the voted winner gets points.
This is an ok'ish game, but realistically it needs a bunch of players to play it properly. Not a game you can enjoy on your own.
As a party game, maybe more fun.

Trivia Murder Party (Players : 2+)
A quiz show, where if you get a single question wrong, you're killed off!
A minigame might save you, but those aren't very playable when you've got internet lag to contend with
Example. The game wanted me to tap letters in a grid to find a word. I naturally went "tap tap tap", but by the time I hit the third letter, I realised the first hadn't been "activated" due to net lag.
Instead I had to prod slowly and forcibly. Something that wouldn't be an issue under any other circumstances.
As a group game, I'd be worried about having to explain to everyone that playing the mini games is laggy.
As a single player, I'd much prefer "The Quiz" in the pack to be a new version of You Don't Know Jack.
A good idea ruined by internet connectivity.

Guesspionage (Players : 2+)
I liked this game, it was a lot of fun.
An internet/global poll is taken and you have to guess the percentage of folk who answered one way or the other.
E.g., percentage of people who've eaten frogs legs.
The chosen player selects a specific percentage, then everyone else votes higher or lower.
Chosen player scores based on how close they were, whilst everyone else gets points on whether high or low was right.
Plays really well, and is even fun on your own with a tablet and a phone!!

Fakin' It (Players : 3+)
I couldn't enjoy this game on my own. It'd be much MUCH better in multiplayer.
A task is given on the mobile devices, e.g. "Hold up your hand if you're in a relationship."
One of the players does not see the task.
A timer goes off, and on the count of three you all raise your hand or not, based on whether you fit the question.
You can discuss in the group why you did or didn't put your hand up, and the "faker" has to try to be as convincing as they can.
You then vote on who's the faker, and points are awarded based on that.
It's a good enough game, but not for a single player.. and realistically it can't possibly work with two, either. You definitely need a group for it to work right.

Tee KO (Players : 3+)
This was shit.
Essentially it's pictionary without the captions.
"Draw the best tshirt design you can" asks the host.
and that's pretty much fucking it.
You then vote on the best design.
Seriously, that's it.
Utter utter crap...


Overall, I liked 2 of the games (Fakin' it and Guesspionage) and out of those Guesspionage is the most LonelyOldFart playable.
£20 for one game, which in order to play you need an extra two devices?
If you're a sad loser like me, I really wouldn't recommend this.

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Posted : Friday, 14 April 2017, 00:49
Why on earth not have it completely stand alone with the option for multiplayer over the net. D'oh!

That sounds like a mega fuck up to me. You just know that they'll close the server in six months once negative reviews kill any sales. And those poor souls that did buy it won't be able to play it.

TBH (and IMHO) none of the games actually sounds like much fun (as presented); better off getting 1-2 Switch and I wouldn't recommend that to anyone, even as a freebie.
Posted : Friday, 14 April 2017, 07:49
I like the game on steam. But i have always wondered why it isnt 100% online without the need for a host computer of some sort.

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Posted : Friday, 18 August 2017, 15:10
It's party time!!
Jackbox Party 1&2 popped up on Switch, this week, and I felt it important to play through in my usual sad-lonely-lonesome mode, to see how playable each of the games are for the single lonely players amongst us.

Note : Scores don't symbolise how good the games are, just how good they are for a single player.

Jackbox Party 1

Players : 3-8
A nice and simple 3+ player pictionary thing.
You each get a word/phrase to draw, then you each have to guess each other's words.
Nicely done, and would be fun in a group.
Playalone score : 0

Word Spud
Players : 2-8
A word floats down the screen. The chosen player must complete the word/phrase. E.g., Steam... engine..
People vote on whether it's good or not.
Not much to play, here...
A bit dull.
Playalone score : 0

Lie Swatter
Players : 1-100
True or False questions appear onscreen (and are voiced, too) and players need to vote true or false.
Fastest correct answer gets bonus points.
Playalone score : 5

Players : 2-8
A question comes onscreen. Players must type in a fake answer, and once all are collected, a random shuffling of fake answers and one true answer appear onscreen.
People have to try to find the right answer.
Bonus Points are scored if you get people to pick your fake answer.
Playalone Score : 2 - You can still play "guess the right answer" since there are two default answers, one fake, one true.

You Don't Know Jack 2015!!!
Players : 1-4
There are 50 question packs available, and bloody hell, you can actually use the controller to play it!!! It's a miracle!!!
...although you can't play with two joycons..
Playalone Score : 10. Proper good old YDKJ!!
... from 2015 :/

Jackbox Party 2

Fibbage 2
Players : 2-8
Same as the first pack's Fibbage
A question comes onscreen. Players must type in a fake answer, and once all are collected, a random shuffling of fake answers and one true answer appear onscreen.
People have to try to find the right answer.
Bonus Points are scored if you get people to pick your fake answer.
Playalone Score : 2 - You can still play "guess the right answer" since there are two default answers, one fake, one true.

Players : 3-8
"Judge" player picks a phrase, e.g. "How Mario celebrates after rescuing Princess Peach"
Other players are given a choice of sound effects to choose 2 sounds from.
"Judge" then chooses which selection wins.
Playalone Score : 1 - silly sounds are still silly!!

Players : 3-6
You're each given on-device clues to draw a pictionary style image. They're all vaguely similar, but slightly different.
E.g., on my 3 devices, "man getting hit by a car", "man washing a car" and "half man half car"
Then some of the art goes on display, and you bid to own the art.
Weirdly complicated rules, but makes for a more interesting take on Pictionary.
Playalone score : 0

Quiplash XL
Players 3-8
Phrases appear onscreen, e.g. "Other things to do with cooked spaghetti."
Players fill in answers, then voting occurs on which is the funniest.
This would be better as a IRL card game, I imagine.
Playalone score : 0

Bomb Corp
Players 1-4
Each player gets a series of instructions to help diffuse the bomb. E.g., cut the red wire. Cut the green wires. Do not cut the 1st wire., even if it is green.
These are spread through devices, with each player getting different clues.
Players must talk it out to gather all the instructions, then the player with the onscreen bomb must Snip the correct wires.
Out of ALL the Jackbox games I've played, this is the most co-op of the bunch.
I really enjoyed the logic puzzles, and think this game would work brilliantly in multiplayer.
Playalone score : 4.. would be 5, but more players and interacting, would be much more fun, IMO..


Overall, I'll be playing YouDontKnowJack, and might give the BombCorp a lengthy play.
I might even see if Mum wants a go of a couple of games, too.
It's not a bad couple of collections, although, again, more single player stuff would've been appreciated.

Most of these games seem to be much more enjoyable than those in Pack 3, so if you're going to buy any, I'd probably steer clear of that one.
1's got Jack, 2's got the Bomb game.. 1 also has Lie Swatter, which can be fun.
Both are great. 3's not as much fun, IMO.

4's due out, soon. Not sure when, though.
Hopefully there's a bit more lonely-player games in that!!

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Posted : Tuesday, 29 August 2017, 09:28
Me and mum just spent a good hour playing Jackbox 1.
Fibbage and Lie Swatter were both played, and both were a lot of fun.

A lot more fun playing against others, as opposed to being sad Mr Lonely.
I expect this'll be getting a play come Xmas!

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Posted : Saturday, 21 October 2017, 16:08
Time for another selection of silly games from the JackBox team, in Jackbox Party Pack 4!
As per usual, I’ll be playing these as a sad and lonely fucker who plays games on his own.

Most of this pack's Games require 3 or more players, so I’ve grabbed my iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone to be the three players.

Let's begin!!

Fibbage 3 (2 to 8 players. The new About You mode needs at least 3 players.)
As with previous editions, it's a game of fooling your opponents into thinking your fake answer is the real answer.
It's quite a lot of fun, and the new "About You" makes you come up with your own real answers to given questions about yourself.

Survive the internet (3 to 8 players)
A prompt appears, and you type in a "review".. like, "what's your couch like", or "how was the last party you were at."
Once all answers are in, players are then shown an answer, and asked to give a silly alternative prompt..
So, if you said your couch was "quite brown", the next player might add the review title of "my epic poo"
This is as entertaining as this game gets.
Votes are cast, and players are bored.

Monster Seeking Monster (3 to 7 players)
You type messages to each other, and then pick who you'd like to date..
I don't even...
This is the shittest game I’ve ever played in any of these Jackbox packs.
Wtf is this supposed to be?!

Bracketeering (3 to 16 players)
A theme is presented, eg "Most Awesome Animal"
Players then type their answer, and all answers are paired off in a tournament of polls.
You score based on which you predict will win, and then you all vote.
.. except you can change your vote, and the winner is always onscreen until the time's up, so it's really really easy to cheat the game.
Other than that it's ok..
.. I guess..

Civic Doodle (3 to 8 players)
An exercise in rapid doodling.
You start with a scrawl, and two players are asked to "compete" the drawing.
You get about 30seconds or so to do it.
A poll is then taken amongst the other players, to decide on the best.

The best image is then added to by two more players, then a further poll, then another doodle, then another poll.
The end doodle is scored and everyone that contributed gets points along the way.
It's really quite an amusing little game, and I enjoyed it on my own, albeit scrawling frantically between all the devices.

Monsters was utterly fucking abysmal.
Survive the Internet wasn’t great.

However.. Bracketeering was somewhat amusing.
That, Civic Doodle and Fibbage would easily be frequently played, if they all allowed just two players. It’s a shame I’m a lonely fucker!!!

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Posted : Saturday, 21 October 2017, 16:57
I was quite interested in the first Jackbox Pack, mainly for a new round of YDKJ. The other three with no Jack have no interest from me. Was stunned when the 4th arrived still Jack free and loaded with bollocks, TBH. How do they keep selling these?

All the raw, animal magnetism of a rutabaga.
Posted : Saturday, 21 October 2017, 17:48
'Cos Jackasses like me keep buying them!!

They’re doing quite well on Twitch, apparently, with folk all over the net joining in with global rounds.

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Posted : Wednesday, 17 October 2018, 12:07
Oh joy!
More Jack!!!

You Don't Know Jack 2018 (1-8 Players)

Unlike Jackbox 1's version of YDKJ, you can no longer play with just the console, and it requires phone/tablet connection even for just one player.
Having said that, I've already had a Gibberish Question, which obviously doesn't work with just a controller, since it requires fast typing.
Even so.. would've been nice..
The game, however, is as Jack'y as it's always been.
Two thumbs up.

Split The Room (3-8 players)
You're given a "dilemma", such as "you see yourself in the future. Your future self advises you not to _______. Do you?"
You each get a different dilemma, and fill it in.
Once gathered, everyone else votes on whether they would or wouldn't, and you earn points depending on whether you've "split the room"
Not bad.
But totally not playable on your own!

Mad Verse City (3-8 players)
You're asked for a word (eg word ending with ING)
The word is inserted into a lyric line, and you then have to write a suitable rhyme to go with it.
This is definitely a "better with others" game, but involves a lot of typing, and can be a bit slow.

Zeeple Dome (1-6 players)
An interesting little action game.
Pull back to fling, like an Angry Bird, but in space.
You need to bump against the enemies to kill them, again, a bit like Angry Birds in Space.
It's fun, but... it's definitely laggy!!!
Would be better as it's own thing, on the console, rather than doing all the internet-ness that it does, I imagine.

Patently Stupid (3-8 players)
Fill in the problem, eg "they won't let me take _____ on airplanes"
Each answer is given to a different player, and they then have to draw a patent image which solves it.
You then give the invention a title and a tagline and then all get to vote on which is the best invention.
Another "better with others" game, as trying to play on your own isn't all that interesting, since you're voting for your own things.


A shame that YDKJ isn't truly playable just on the device like the previous one was, but ... I'll cope, I suppose!!
The Zeeple thing's alright, but would again be better on the device, rather than dealing with net-lag.

Of the other three, none are truly playable by yourself, but all three seem like they'd be fun in a party environment, and I think this is probably the first time that I've actually enjoyed the ideas of ALL of the games in one of these Party Packs. ... if only the execution of the Zeeple one was a little better, then this would get full marks. (However, that might just be down to "first day" server glitchiness..?)

As it stands, lag is definitely an issue with frantic action, and that's a shame.
But all the games are fun, and this Jackbox Pack definitely gets a high score!


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Posted : Thursday, 17 October 2019, 09:02
Today, I continue to be lonely.

Jackbox Party Pack 6!

Trivia Murder Party 2 : 1-8 players

This is the best of the bunch.
You answer trivia questions, and if you get one wrong, you get taken to a punishment room.
My punishment was to dictate-type as the host spoke.
I didn't do very well!!
You get two lives, and if you die it's game over.

Fun alone!
And more fun with others.

Role Models : 3-6 players

I found this one hard to get into, so didn't play very far.
Drag and drop your fellow players names onto a selection of silly labels and see who got the most votes for each label.
There's little or no interaction, other than the voting and the drag'n'dropping.

Really not fun on your own.
And if I'm honest, it's not the most fun game with others, either.

Joke Boat : 3-8 players

You're asked for random words based on random topics, and fill in as many as you can in under a minute.
Once done, you're asked to "fill in a blank" to make a joke from it.
Players then take it in turn to perform their joke, before voting takes place.

Not a lot of fun on your own.

Dictionarium : 3-8 players

The game makes up a random word.
Players must create the definition. Voting happens.
The game then asks you to make a synonym.. a new word based on the best definition. More voting.
Then, you're asked to use the word in a sentence. More voting.

The winning definition is added to the dictionarium.

This game is a LOT of fun, and I really wish it had a two player mode.

Push The Button : 4-10 players

A nice and simple guessing/logic game.
One player is selected to be "the alien"
Players are selected to answer a similar but slightly different question, with the alien getting a slightly odd version of the same question.
Players fill in their answers, and they're shown onscreen.
Players have to guess who is the alien.

Nice fun, but not for one player.. and not for 2, either. Or even three..
Gawd, it's hard enough to play with two players.
Don't make me need four!!!

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Posted : Friday, 13 August 2021, 13:47
The Jackbox Games humble bundle is currently available.

£15 for the complete set of Party Packs 1-6, as well as Drawful, and the older YDKJ games, too.

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Posted : Friday, 13 August 2021, 14:09
Ben was a member at OUYA Saviors on Discord at the beginning. Haven't heard from him for years.

Here is the short bit that he ever said there: