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Socoder -> Nintendo -> Mario Galaxy Thoughts

Posted : Sunday, 12 November 2017, 08:31

Mario Galaxy Thoughts

It's a lovely game. It really is.
But my gametime recently plummeted from "a few hours a day" to "a few minutes, if that."

All the boss fights, every single one, are very much in the Mario64 mould, in that there's you and a boss on a big circular platform.
Granted, it looks fucking gorgeous, but I have a severe motion sickness problem, and it's resulted in every single boss fight being a battle with my own nausea.

Every time a boss comes up, I have to save, leave it for a bit, and come back when I’m ready.

I’m (I hope!) nearing the end, and it's been boss after boss after boss.
I’m getting maybe 10 minutes with the game, before wanting to vomit, so it's been a "do or die" approach. I can attempt the battle maybe a couple of times per session, so if I don’t insta beat them, it's Stop.. wait.. possibly vomit... eventually try again.
What started as a fun adventure has become an absolute fucking chore, and I’m physically being sick whilst trying to play the damn thing.

I'm really starting to hate the game, at this point.
At least in Zelda, I could hold off, and go aimlessly wandering around for a while. Here, I’m pretty much forced into the next battle.

I’m struggling.
I really am struggling..

I'm determined to beat the game, but only because it's pissed me off so damn much.
I’m going to beat it out of spite, and sheer determination.

10/10? Not for me, but my motion sickness shouldn’t put off others.
If you loved Mario64/Galaxy, then this is for you.
Go get'em!!

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Posted : Sunday, 12 November 2017, 08:54
I have both Mario Galaxy games - played through the first, never even loaded the second (yet!).

I thought the first one was a cracking game - much better than Mario Sunshine, with some brilliantly clever platforming and puzzling. I just hated the Manta & Yoshi racing bits (or was that Sunshine?) I can't remember now. I just know I hated them!
Posted : Saturday, 18 November 2017, 17:23
Having finally com0leted the Bowser fight, I’m free to roam the world and earn "moons"
I’m having much more fun with the game, now that there’s no boss fights with crazy spinning cameras.
I know there’s more fights to come, though. It keeps trying to guide me towards more, but I’m purposely staying clear.
For now.

Highly recommended but for the motion sickness.

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