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Socoder -> Off Topic -> McD vs BK

Posted : Thursday, 23 November 2017, 09:48
On the pool, i would have voted for Both, as each have good things.

Posted : Thursday, 23 November 2017, 09:48
Can’t beat a BK Milkshake! I used to prefer McFries, but they’re just not the same without a shitton of salt.

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Posted : Thursday, 23 November 2017, 12:17
Burger King by far, better burgers and fries by faaaaarrrrr

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Posted : Saturday, 25 November 2017, 23:17
1) KFC - Boxed Zinger tower meal... Heaven!

2) MickyDee's - Fries are nice, I like the milkshakes, sausage and egg McMuffins are a saviour in the morning after the night before... Other then that, their burgers fill me for like 30 minutes and then I'm hungry again.

3) Burger King - I find their food bland, I do like their little hash browns they do at breakfast though, so if I do have to go in to one, I get a portion of them if its morning, any other time, fries and them little chillie cheese bite things.


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Posted : Sunday, 26 November 2017, 04:08
Out of the two I prefer Burger King - especially the one at Scotch Corner.

But given a choice I'd go KFC as well. Anything without bones in, plus a side of coleslaw and some napalm beans!
Posted : Sunday, 26 November 2017, 05:57
KFC - Chicken Zinger burger. Like GfK I don't eat chicken with bones in either.

McD - Choc or vanilla milkshakes FTW. McChicken Sandwich and Chicken Selects. Sausage & Egg McMuffin, with Hash Brown and Syrup Pancakes. Nom Nom Nom.

BK - Yuck. Flame grilled burnt burgers are not for me. Not been in a BK for 30years.

Wimpy - I worked in a Wimpy 30 years ago. Just for two weeks while I was waiting for something else (I'd already been to the interview and got accepted a week after starting at Wimpy). I liked pretty much all their meals back then, but it shut down and turned into a BK soon after I left.

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Posted : Sunday, 26 November 2017, 08:06
Burger king is not here in my city. The last time I ate there was in the mid 90's. I have not been in a mcd in 10 years or so either. There is one about 20 minutes cycling away. The one in mid city changed to becoming a febo. They have those insert coins and get out of the wall burgers. Had thise a couple of times.

We usually eat chinese or shoarma. They deliver. Mcd is starting to do home delivery so then we probably will try that.
Posted : Sunday, 26 November 2017, 08:33
Hole-in-the-wall burgers?!!
What a crazy world we live in!

I haven't visited either post-op, and if I'm honest, it was probably about 5 years before that, too, as I'm not really the type of person to eat whilst out and about. Especially when shopping. Get shopping, come home, THEN eat!

College days, whilst definitely not wagging classes, were when you'd occasionally find me in the local BK.

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Posted : Sunday, 26 November 2017, 13:03
.... could really eat a fuckton of fries right about now...
*opens bag of Salted Peanuts*

... grumble grumble..

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