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Posted : Monday, 23 April 2018, 10:01
Fuckin' hell, this bank really does like to say ’’YES!’’ Linkage
Posted : Monday, 23 April 2018, 10:01
Bah, TSB...

Dad took out a great big loan, Dad did bad shit, Dad went to prison... TSB were adamant that Mum would pay the loan off.
Mum got legal advice, took 'em to court to prove that.. although her name was on as a co-signature, since the bank account was in both names, she hadn’t seen the actual loan, let alone actually sign it.
TSB had to go after Dad, instead.
We've no idea what the outcome was at Dad's end, but TSB stopped hassling Mum soon after.

''Load, Next List!''
Posted : Monday, 23 April 2018, 12:57
Shitter that mind, but you wouldnt believe, but not an unusual setup where the other half knacks it up for the one that either hasnt got a clue about it, or even wants to work on fixing it.

My mate Crainey got a house with a lass, moved to a place called Stanley... Paid wayyyyy over the top for it mind, when I saw it I was like "How much?", he didnt want to move up there cos it's a bit of a shite hole, but, all her mates were there, so, as you do, you just succumb as the bloke and do as your told.

Anyway, they split up, he moved out, went back to his mams, but had to pay the mortgage himself as she refused point blank to pay anything, so to keep his credit in check, he had to pay.

A couple of years later, and after moving in with another lass who had her own place (yes, two years he was paying a mortgage in a house he wasnt living in, it was up for sale, but noone was interested in the price they wanted to come out evens), a new sprog, his new lass told him that it was getting ridiculous, and they really needed that mortgage money going into their house, which was fair enough...

So he told his ex he couldnt carry on paying, the house had to be sold at the market value, which was TWENTY grand less then what was left on their mortgage, but he said he would cover half the negative equity (With a loan from his parents), if she could get the other (And her parents had money)...

She told him, and I quote "David, go f*** yourself"... Typical Stanley girl, they havent got much decorum up there.

So, he stopped paying, house was repossessed, and the worst default imaginable against his name, even after all that.

The ironic thing is though, and this is the beauty, and something I cannot fathom why she wouldnt attempt to pay her dues on a house, is that, she works for a bloody building society! :/

Honestly, I cannot see what people get out of doing stuff like that, and stuff like what your dad did by getting a loan without your mams knowledge... They must know its going to come back and bite them in the arse, but, they plough on anyway?!?

Peoples, a very strange species!


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