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Posted : Monday, 08 April 2019, 05:00

JNKsg Template

You can download the template here.

A while back I created this little "app" to generate sprites using simple Javascript.

Every time I see Pakz post a graphic generator, with a giant Emscripten test file, I kinda think that he'd probably get a kick out of the simplicity (and much smaller end-size) of my own thing, but I've yet to decide a neat way to allow folk to add to mine.
Instead, then, I've opted to post the "source" so that he can make use of it himself.

It's VERY simplistic, with the template consisting of just 3 files.
The index.html, and two example .js scripts.

The code has been "Jay-Code"ified, to be as Blitz-like as it can possibly be in its commands.

There really isn't much Javascript'iness left, once you actually open up the .js files.
To use, clone the empty.js, rename the file and its functions to be the same (case included!) and then just dump a bunch of drawing routines inside the script!!
From there, be sure that you've added your new script to the index.html's list, and then.. That's it!

Simple as can be. You can load the .html in your browser, directly from the folder, and see your results directly without needing to upload the script at all.
You can then upload everything to a server for others to see, which should be easy as it's just static .html and .js files.

If you need "MOAR POWAAR!" you can then also edit the javascript in the .html file, and add your own little functions and things.

You can download the template here.

And my current live edition is Available here.

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Posted : Tuesday, 09 April 2019, 07:02
I downloaded and took a quick look already. i think I can learn enough pretty quick to be able to use it. For now I have it stored as html5 programming reference. Over the years I have not really been able to find a lot of examples so this is really good!

Why do you not write a programming book @jay Your experience with al those years on the belt would certainly make for a good contents. I remember that the person who wrote the monkeyx book got a advance of 1500? $ for his. But He wrote about his own framework so I was not interested.
Posted : Tuesday, 09 April 2019, 07:22
Honestly? I don't want to be teaching my godawful techniques to others!!!
AGameAWeek has taught me a lot of things, but readability is NOT one of them!

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Posted : Tuesday, 09 April 2019, 11:22
Just a wee note re: emscripten. If you've not looked into WebAssembly (WASM) then I'd suggest poking a wee nose there - especially if you've been building games/utils/frameworks using C/C++. I'll not bother going into details here, but Hackaday covered it nicely: hackaday.com/2019/04/04/webassembly-what-is-it-and-why-should-you-care/.