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Wed, 24 Apr 2019, 15:36

What Have You Done - April 2019


What did you get done this Month?
  • Shoebox of Games
  • Mostly coped with a day out.

    Did everything turn out as planned?
    No, the day out was almost a complete disaster when my head decided to crap out, midway, and I collapsed to the floor.
    Other than that slight hiccup, though, the day went as smoothly as could be expected.


    What didn't you get done?
  • Much Else

    Why not?
    Mind's only been half-stable for the past couple of months, due to family events.
    I'm hoping to get back into a more normal swing of things, now, and am starting to delve into the complexities of "Offline WebApp Cache/Manifest" gubbins.
    Crikey, there's a lot of stuff to figure out!


    What are you working on right now?
    I *think* the cache is working, but it doesn't seem to be updating nearly as much as it should, on the iPad.
    I mean, once I'm ready to go live with the cache, it should be perfectly fine to have it only seemingly update once a day or so.. But for the purpose of testing, that's a complete bastard!!!

    How's that going?
    I could do with a way to easily tell a "Add to Home Screen" app to redo all the caching, but there doesn't seem to be one. Just have to update the files, then wait for it to catch up.
    From what I can see, however, it does at least appear to be caching all the important files, and I can indeed turn off the wifi and still play the Shoebox of Games, which is the intent.
    I had previously attempted to use Apache Cordova to build a proper "App for That", but for some really odd reason, the "App Version" seems to chug along at a slower framerate when in use. Instead, seems like making a Homescreen-able caching version is probably the best way to go.

    The only problem now, is how do I teach none-techies to "add to home screen" it.. That was kinda the plus point of being able to pop it into an App in the AppStore.



    What's the plan for next Month?
    Continue work on Shoebox of Games, and see exactly how I can best "AppStore" the whole thing..


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  • Thu, 25 Apr 2019, 04:24
    Apart from learning a bit about shift registers, and a lot of drinking, not much really.
    Thu, 25 Apr 2019, 04:54


    What did you get done this Month?
  • Played through the levels in flap happy, marking each one with a difficulty setting between 1-10 which took a while!
  • Started coding up the ending sequence, using some funky sprite 0 detection for scrolling
  • The usual coding at work and a lil bit of design stuff
  • Started teaching kids coding at the local libraries code club every other saturday
  • After almost a month, getting back into the gym again.

    Did everything turn out as planned?

    Pretty much, I've really enjoyed starting to help kids with coding, that's genuinely fun to do.
    Got plans for a few NES games in the pipeline after this one's done, possible self publishing with a friend, could be fun.
    Can't wait to have flap happy finished but there's still fair ol whack left to code somehow.


    What didn't you get done?
  • Errr nothing I had planned doing I guess?

    Why not?


    What are you working on right now?
    Stuff for work involving automating accounting, settlements, etc.

    How's that going?
    It's a long slog but once it's done, hopefully, it'll be done.


    What's the plan for the next Month?
  • Resist purchasing everything on wish, ebay, etc.
  • Keep on dragging my ass to the gym when I can!

    Web / Game Dev, occasionally finishes off coding games also!
  • Fri, 26 Apr 2019, 08:07
    My left ear is still deaf. The eardrops have not helped yet. Doing lots of sittups and dumbbel exercises.
    Even with the bad hearing I am getting tunes done. No coding as of yet.

    Next month I might get a new laptop. 9thgen 1650nvidia.