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Socoder -> Nintendo -> Untitled Goose Game

Posted : Sunday, 22 September 2019, 08:54

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Posted : Sunday, 22 September 2019, 08:54
Very tempted. But .. me vs game time..

Having said that, I might actually take this week off from AGameAWeek, and try to get some of my unfinished background tasks done.
... I might end up picking up the goose and running with it.

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Posted : Monday, 23 September 2019, 03:09
I've liked the look of this since it was first announced, but yeah, as Jay said - "me vs game time"

I still have shitloads to play on all formats, but I'll probably get this at some point.
Posted : Tuesday, 24 September 2019, 03:41
Looks cool, but apparently its a pretty short game, in the range of a few hours.
Posted : Tuesday, 24 September 2019, 03:51
So's Portal.
Posted : Tuesday, 24 September 2019, 06:48
It's nice!!
One single giant world, with locked gates and the like shutting you off from each "level", but you're free to wander around the world as you unlock the various parts.
Each level has a checklist of things to do, such as stealing a pumpkin, turning on the sprinklers, and things like that.
Lots of puzzle solving, and some stealth, and .. yeah.. it's good!!

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Posted : Saturday, 28 September 2019, 04:21
That ending, though..

The issue isn't "Short", the issue is "Stunted".
Near the end of the game, one of the places you unlock shows you the village in full, including areas you haven't yet reached, showing one particularly interesting looking area.
You complete one lengthy task, and then, all of a sudden, the game-over triggers.

Once the end credits have displayed, the game carries on, letting you wander through all the previously unlocked levels, with a new set of things to do around the village.

I was 100% expecting that to be a false ending, with more to come, so I dashed through the village to where the extra bit was..
...but couldn't. It was still inaccessible.

I wandered around the village to find an alternate path..
But.. No..

And I really wanted to see what that extra bit was like!!
So, double checking, I scoured the various walkthrough sites online, and .. unless nobody's figured out how, yet.. I don't think that's even do-able.
And it looked SO interesting!!!

Yeah, it's short, but it's extremely enjoyable, playing a bit like a cross between Monkey Island and Where's Wally!!

The ending isn't bad because the game length is short.
The ending is disappointing because it really does feel like the "real" end is missing from the game..

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Posted : Saturday, 28 September 2019, 07:07
Shame about the ending. At least I'm now fore-warned.

Perhaps the devs will add DLC or open up the interesting bit in the future. Or maybe not.
Posted : Saturday, 28 September 2019, 07:18